STEPHANIE ( 2018 Frank Grillo ) Paranormal Horror Movie Review

STEPHANIE ( 2018 Frank Grillo ) Paranormal Horror Movie Review

An orphaned young girl with unworldly powers is taken in by a man and woman who claim to be her parents.

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Teri 2011 says:

🐢Turtle, not teddy 🐻bear. Perfectly paced in my opinion. Excellent acting. The first part of the film forces the veiwer to ask questions… Then… Bam. I liked it.

TheWickerBoy says:

I think I give this a go tonight as I have no work. Nice review dude.

Lisa Loves says:

I love paranormal movies. I'll deffo check this one out. I don't mind a slow burner. Thanks for the review.

josiew47 says:

downloading now. If I skip the first half hour will it stuff up the rest?? thanks.

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