Stephanie (2017) Horror Movie Mini Review

Stephanie (2017) Horror Movie Mini Review

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Gracie Olive says:

Can someone tell me who the killer was in DONT hang up please

Jesse Keller says:

I love how you're able to review a horror movie without spoiling it

John Lewis says:

Great review, Ms Emma!

Jasper Fen says:

Based on your recommendation, I will probably skip it, unless I find it in front of my face on a streaming service with no other options.

Boyd Crowder says:

I am hesitant on checking this one out. If you want to see a creepy evil kids movie, check out Bloody Birthday (1981).

Thank You for another awesome video.

texasofmyheart says:

I just watched Stephanie. It wasn't the best movie but it was better than that Before I Wake bullshit.

G White says:

Ah, so it's pretty much an apocalyptic version of Stephen King's "The Regulators". I'll have to give it a watch, keeping in mind your forewarnings about its quality of Storytelling 😆

Nick Chaplin says:

i saw Stephanie like 4 month ago…honestly i liked it…and the little girl was adorable and she played the part like a real pro!

Raven House Mystery says:

Thanks for the review, Emma. Sounds like another film that was going more for tension and atmosphere rather than story? I wouldn't be surprised if the success of "A Quiet Place" prompted this film's release on video.

Treychik says:

Good movie, everything you said is true 🙂 the girl is really good! But ending and extra information…yes…they should've focused on her strugle with this creature…no extra characters or anything.

texasofmyheart says:

You mentioned you didnt like The Girl With All The Gifts, but what about the soundtrack? I thought it was amazing.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

It sounds like they tried to the flashbacks like they did in the movie Oculus, where the flashbacks worked in telling the story. You have to be careful when using flashbacks in movies. If not used correctly, as you stated Emma, it can make the film boring, mess up the pacing, or simply ruin the movie.

Random Horror says:

YEAH SPOOKY STUFF! Your my Sunday and Thursday did Emma!

Fighting Free says:

most of us here like the same movies we all have similar taste to yours, your taste attracts our taste, lol that's why we love you doll, I still think we should be called the Spookynauts family lol

nativewizard says:

she has such a sexy voice!

LeadingBlind says:

So…is this like The Girl Who Lives Down the Lane?

Mr.B Lopez says:

I saw it months ago. I thought it was good. Top 20 for me so far.

Raiders AK says:

I’m glad they used flashbacks it kept the movie shorter. I did feel that they revealed the “twist” a little sloppily. I’d recommend people watch this movie it’s worth a watch!!!

As Always another great review!!! You are the best!!!

Artur Dent says:

Evil little kids are the worst. Just like the Orphan

Jennifer McMahon says:

Looking forward to watching Stephanie.

Ps: Can you pleas do a review of 2018’s The Endless? I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Which it is out on rental so you should be able to watch it fairly easily.

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