Star Wars The Last Jedi SPOILERS Movie Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi SPOILERS Movie Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review! Explained! Easter Eggs! Luke! Rey! Kylo Ren!

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review with SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of Star Wars The Last Jedi aka Episode 8 in 2017! Ending explained! Easter Eggs! Kylo Ren kills Snoke! Rey’s parentage revealed! Luke Skywalker uses force projection, and tried to kill Ben Solo! Porgs! And how about that stable boy on Canto Bight! Enjoy this SPOILERS breakdown of Star Wars The Last Jedi in 2017 now that you’ve seen the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Lord of the Rings – 00:00
Rian Johnson – 1:13
Visuals – 1:25
Worldbuilding – 3:02
Comedy – 3:23
Luke’s Trick – 5:33
Luke’s Secret – 9:23
Kylo & Rey – 10:37
Lightsabers – 14:16
Rey’s Parents – 15:49
Carrie Fisher – 17:22
The Resistance – 20:25
Women in Star Wars – 21:27
Porgs – 24:42
General Hux – 26:00
Kylo Ren – 27:37
Snoke – 29:21
Yoda – 30:16
Poe – 30:53
Rose – 32:13
Death in Star Wars – 34:08
Rey – 35:14
Leia – 36:41
Finn – 37:40
Phasma – 38:44
Del Toro – 39:40
Droids – 40:53

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



Eric Hawkins says:

I came away feeling very 'eh' about it. Many complaints, and feel the fan speculations would have been better choices that what actually happened in the movie…But really…why is NOBODY talking about the disgusting Milk drinking scene?!?!?!

SentientNPC says:

I very much enjoyed TFA this movie had a tone issue for me. It had very adult themes and moments but all the comedy hits if you are 12 or under. I just don't know who this movie was for. At the end with the boy looking up to the stars I almost expected a Disney World vendor roll up and sell him some light up Mickey ears. If you are the younger generation this movie is most likely amazing, but you probably didn't understand 50% of it. I appreciate Grace's opinion as with everything we are humans and there is nothing that 100% of us can agree on.

Ana Mara Stark says:

I thought the idea behind warp speed was to warp space, not to just go really fast, so that warp speed stunt wouldn't really be possible if that's the case… Well maybe I missed something though. Maybe she set her destination to be in the middle of the other ship, but it looked like it went through. Does anyone have any thoughts on this small detail?

Iron Gold says:

The Last Jedi is a rip off of "Return of the Jedi" like the force awakens was a ripp off of "a new hope". Disney & EA are destroying the star wars brand.

Edwin W says:

5 minutes in, is everything about the movie great to her or what? Seems like everyone else thought it was a flop give or take a few people in the comment section.

QuestoDomini says:

THEE BEST REVIEW I have watched so far, great job…seriously great insights while being very entertaining! Thank You! -Dom

Ryan G says:

oh god you found it really funny.. all that kiddy humour.. younger generation will laugh at anything..

TheGrandTurk says:

I've always disliked the concept of "Grey Jedi" because it implies the Jedi didn't have moral struggles in determining the best way to approach serious conflicts already. That there's a need for a special kind of Jedi that "sees the grey" areas of an issue. That's why I like that in this movie, Luke expresses the failures of the Jedi. That they were not perfect and that hubris was the cause of their downfall.

Rey learning to accept bad people like Kylo Ren will always exist and choosing to challenge that with an open hand or a closed fist depending on what they will accept is the nuance Jedi Knights have always had to navigate. Obi Wan Kenobi did it when he confronted Vader, both times. Luke did it when he threw down his lightsaber before the Emperor. Rey choosing to ally herself with Kylo would be a choice that discards that nuance for an absolute.

By siding with Kylo on his terms, she would then be in full acceptance of all the pain and destruction the First Order has unleashed on the galaxy. They've terrorized worlds of the Unknown Regions, wiped out an entire star system and all throughout this film express a desire at every turn to take no prisoners nor leave anyone in the Resistance alive. Rey siding with Kylo is a choice that absolutely divorces her from being a Jedi. Regardless of the color scheme.

Evolved Turtle Productions says:

I wish instead of crashing into Finn, Rose had only knocked him out of the way and sacrificed herself instead. That way it would be much more powerful considering her sister sacrificed herself in the beginning.

Omar Rivas Bustinza says:

I want the George Lucas cut of this movie!

apope06 says:

Im gonna say it. It was the greatest star wars of all time!

G Martinez says:

This movie did nothing for me honestly. I just felt it was so stupid and several scenes were pointless.

03two says:

I'm too sensitive for this constant picking a part and analyzing. The older fans are just the worse. Nothing is ever right.You create art for people to enjoy but they just spit on it anyway. Just let them stay home and watch Empire Strikes back or create their own Star Wars so the fans can just rip it apart too.

Conner Olmedo says:

The Last Jedi was like the Logan of Star Wars. Kind of unconventional for Star Wars but still felt like a Star Wars movie, showed very much that not everything about these movies are so magical and people actually die, and shows that the main character aren't perfect and can have a dark side to them (no pun intended)

StackOrDie357 says:

Love the review. But, you and another movie YouTuber both say Rose says i love you. She doesn’t say i love you. Ever. Lol

John Ivy says:

I loved the movie… was exactly star wars….exciting action/adventure, scattered humor, and touches of spirituality and inner conflict……I think Johnson's take on the Star Wars universe has been my favorite. His brand of humor (no fart jokes), a poetic and intellectual flair (some of Luke's and Snoke's quotes), and subtle tie ins to all of the previous movies without having to be so in-your-face…are a few of the many qualities I enjoyed. I think only viewing Star Wars from the prism of what existed in the OT is a mistake. Its why the extended universe was so beloved, it took the framework and basic ideas created by Lucas, and ran crazy with them, creating so many more enjoyable characters, scenarios, and worlds. Great job Johnson, can't wait for Abrams EP9, and the new trilogy.

Liida Ruotsalainen says:

Even though the movie was a bit all over the place it was super enjoyable. And the sexual tension between Rey and Kylo was just so strong. I want them to get together so bad

siriusgray says:

Adam Driver's pecs were quite distracting. They're rather large.

Oliver Soto says:

People calling this movie “too mainstream” and not “star wars” don’t realise how mainstream star wars is

Jason Cifune says:

You’re kind of dumb aren’t you ?

Damia Savon says:

I loved it. It was a terrific movie that is the best since Empire.

Joey 1 Kenobi says:

Why the hell would you put up a spoiler review before the movie came out??? WTF

J'Von King says:

Snoke is the biggest disappointment.

Leon Britton says:

Great Review, Grace, Very Enjoyable!

Omar Rivas Bustinza says:

The movie was cool

Tyler Birdman says:

When Luke saw Rey and Kylo talking it was actually funny
It’s like a angry dad walking in on his daughter with a boy ?
I loved this movie

Kenny Velazquez says:

Great video, Grace! Love how lengthy and in-depth it was. The fight-well…more like stand off between Luke and Kylo Ren totally reminded me of the battle between Vader and Kenobi in IV. Especially with only Luke's clothing being left behind after Kylo "cuts through him". And it's so funny, that scene where Holdo rips through the ships, in my head I was thinking "how great would it be if she just said "fuck you" right now".

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