Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Star Wars Episode VIII is upon us! Where do Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo, and Luke go from here? Here’s my review for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI!

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MRdoodle says:


Fito Rivisha says:

What is the review score?

Sniperx2291 says:

The movie was shit

Jake Tibbs says:


Kelis 98 says:

A few questions for the comments:

Am I wrong for liking the movie or are you wrong for disliking it?

Does this question have a definitive answer?

With so much divided people, what is the movie's true score or does it even have one.

It might be that it's both, just depends on the person.

One thing is certain though, most of you don't know how to properly state your opinion in a better manner without resorting to what you're doing now.

Bambi O. says:

Man, I don't care what everybody says. I loved it. I wanna watch it over and over.

requiemrave says:

Ah! So that's the screen saver comment you were talking about. lol. I agree. That said…I haven't decided yet how I feel about it either.

10minutesofyourlife says:

RT audience score Scapeballs 83%. Star Wars The Last Jedi 56%

Grand Ambition says:

Wow! Much respect on not giving a rating!

Peter Brydon says:

lol, Luke was not still there. If by Luke you mean someone who never knew the first one and just read a synopsis or got paid by Disney for this. lol

Chris Wincek says:

I saw it today in this movie made me fall in love with Daisy Ridley

Alice Alice says:

I wonder if the amazing scene he's taking about is the scene when Rey and Kylo start to fight together against Snoke guards. That was awesome

PsychLight says:

Excellent film, probably my favorite SW ever. Don't know what these comments are whining about. Visually it's just the on another level from any other in the series aside from Rogue 1.

yugioh887 says:

I am really look to find out more of Snoke !!! and which snoke theory is correct ?!

Evans says:

At the spoiler review tell something about that lady with the huge nose…..

DaPlayaAndMovieMaka says:

I would rate this movie OK—- would be better if you were drunk "now it's a party". It's good but it could've been great

Kou Yang says:

Tell the truth Jeremy Jahns, you were disappointed with the movie and want to give it "No Alcohol required."

Floydiel Ferguson says:

It felt like the movie didn’t know what it wanted to be. Felt like everything The Force Awakens built up was just swept under the rug in this movie. Very disappointing

Dark Sauce says:

Old nerds hate it because it's not like the original. New nerds like me seem to like it better

FeatherFiend Alex says:

I just came back from from the film. AWESOME job guys. I loved just about everything about it. I agree with you Jeremy, the part where Finn is on the other planet was probably the slowest/worse part (its not terrible, but in comparison definitely not the greatest). I loved some of that humor too. The whole audience were having a good laugh. This was better than episode 7 and much more original.

lisa Tanner says:

How the hell does Chris stuckmann have 300k more views?

J III says:

No j this movie is horrible and I love Star Wars but this was a disgrace to the franchise

Max Anarchy Productions says:

People need to relax it’s just a movie and at the end of the day it doesn’t really affect your life

Zachs Mind says:

I haven't seen the film cuz I don't like crowds and I don't care about spoilers. Surprisingly I haven't been spoiled much yet but it doesn't matter either way. I'm usually a spoiler whore but this go around the nonspoilery stuff isn't whetting my appetite so the spoilers may just turn me off going altogether. Currently I'm contemplating a matinee either next week or the week after that. Preferably after most of the crowds have already moved on to the next big thing. What i have been hearing has me a bit disappointed. Sounds like it's a bit of a parody of itself in some places and in other places it's unnecessarily going for Oscars. I love Spaceballs but i don't want Spaceballs actually inside MY Star Wars. Likewise I enjoyed ..okay most Oscar winning films don't do a lot for me but even the ones that do, I don't want that in MY Star Wars. Keep that chocolate out of my peanut butter thank you very much.

The first three films (The Orig Trig) are a jumbled mess but I love them. Each installment feels like one man's vision with a bunch of other people helping him push the vehicle along but it's ultimately Lucas' dream. And The Force Awakens felt very much akin to that. JJ Abrams echoed what Lucas had done, perhaps a little too well. A Star Wars film needs to be both all over the place like a jumbled mess but also feel like a story being told ultimately from one brain, with scores of hands and feet helping it along of course, but tonally it needs to sound like one person telling a story around a campfire. Or a funeral pyre.

Hope, Empire, and Return. These are MY Star Wars and no one can take that from me. Han Shot First. Yes I'm one of those. The canon in my head is better than the films are when i watch them again, but I also objectively love the "new improved" versions for what they are. Especially Empire which if none of the other movies had been made, Empire Strikes Back would still hold a special place in my heart. I love you Empire. "I know.."

So I'm aware more recent installments are not for me. The prequels put that into sharp relief. They were made for the eight year olds of that decade and that pissed me off to no end, but lesson learned, y'know? Never trust George Lucas to be the centerpiece of your childhood dreams. He will wreck you every time. The prequels fail miserably in my opinion precisely because of tone. There's a thousand other things wrong with the prequels but had they got the tone right, most of the rest of it could have been forgiven. The tone is off in the prequels. They feel occasionally like Lucas' idea in a manner that's half hearted and jaded like he didn't want to do this but the money was too good and he couldn't pass it up. Other times the prequels feel like Lucas ran off to Barbados for two weeks or maybe he was sulking in his trailer, and other people stepped in trying to emulate him hoping we'd never notice. And unlike Abrams (who I feel admirably cracked the code, not knocking it when done well) these pinch hitters fail miserably. So the end result feels like several films inside each one cobbled together. The pacing is terrible. The acting is stoic and bland. The music is still awesome and the sets and effects look pretty but the overuse of cgi instead of practical effects brings an artificial quality to everything. I never for a nanosecond believed anyone really lived on Coruscant for example. I did not believe any of these characters would find a working toilet just off screen. It didn't feel like a real vibrant marketplace. Just a cold set with occasional people as props. So distressing. Oh don't get me started on the prequels. Anyway, the tone was bad. Everything else could have been forgiven but it felt cobbled by committee and that's what kills the prequels for me.

Rogue One wasn't a classic Star Wars film. However, from a tonal standpoint, with the possible exception of the parts where Whittaker was in need of a cough drop, it felt like we were in the world of Star Wars. It does for the most part get the tone right. The story's all over the place but that's cuz the lead character is all over the place and not clear where she fits in the universe and you kinda agree with her yeah you don't really fit in this universe lets go find a place for you and that's the journey we buy into. Turns out the only place she fits is taking a final stand where it matters most. That's quite a dark but compelling story. All over the place, but mostly felt held together by more than just duct tape. Except for Whittaker I .. what was he even doing? I love that guy but wtf was that about? Not Forest's fault. He performed well, but his character made no sense to me. So frustrating. Anyway..

Long story short (too late) I don't wanna see Last Jedi if it's not both all over the place and one man's vision, and I might have just talked myself into going to see it. Spoils or not. I hate the prequels, but I love to hate the prequels. So even when Star Wars is bad it's still an entertaining roller coaster ride. I have to see for myself whether or not this film goes off the rails. May The Force Be Strong With This One.

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