Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie review (Spoiler section)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie review (Spoiler section)

Review of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi, plus some of James’ favorite films of 2017 he wishes he reviewed. There is a spoiler section at end, with a warning. Twitter James ✜
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nazi frog says:


goodwi11 says:

Hey if you guys really liked this movie, then you'll REALLY REALLY like that new Ghostbusters movie…

powermaxx15 says:

i felt the movie was trying to swerve the audience but did so underwhelmingly

mysteriousfox88 says:


James Pete says:

FINALLY some people who liked it

Paul Melville says:

I have seen Disaster Artist about 15 times and have watched The Room now so many times …Best movie this year!@

Chicken Nuggetmaster360 says:

I honestly NO JOKE. Thought the prequels were better than this and the TFA.

Sebastian Porter says:

What's the point of going backwards? Have you seen Memento?


You liked this movie? Man, somethings I will never understand…

Michael Maxwell says:

James wearing 4 fucking layers

Rich Tornambe says:

I think for once I am going to have to disagree with you. The film was a complete mess. Way too much baby like humour for a 12 / PG13. Pointless side plots. Finn had no impact to the story and when Luke throws away the saber he is basically saying fuck star wars.

jacobtheboy says:

It was really really bad, guys. Like, really bad

Richard T says:

I love that her parents are nobodies, means no one is special. No special lineage, just the force finding the balance any means necessary.

Frans Blaz says:

This is a parody review, right?

RagnarEiswind says:

I would actually like it if it turns out Kylo Ren was right about Reys Parents. Mostly because I think it could be very contrived to have other Skywalkers in the next trilogy. The only Sci-Fi Series that can pull this off is Dune with the Atreides… 😉

Hazlmonito says:

rogue one is an empty fan service orgy it sucks

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