Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi, starring Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Andy Serkis, Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran, Benicio Del Toro. Directed by Rian Johnson.



AYPazmin says:

The movie sucked

planesrift says:

I think it's a piece of shit.

Jerry Berglund says:

Ok, did this guy really watch the same movie? Sounds like a movie I didnt watch a all. Because what I did see was not a great or even fantastic. It was a mess? I think they butchered some of the characters and made some really bad choises. If this was the very last movie. I would give this move an ok and it would for me work as the very last epsiode in the saga. You get then both sad feelings and hope. But I can't see any continuing story after this episode, because if that happens… then this movie is really bad. But sure…. maybe thats what Johnson is after. Getting us angry, and because of that return to the next episode and then suddenly Luke more or less like a God or something to rectify some stuff… This was not a good movie. It was not a bad movie. Its ok… thats it. It was just ok. I will give it a higher grade if it was the last movie in the saga.

Benoit Lafrance says:

Are you kidding me , it's a fucking mess of a movie.

hamlet01 says:

Where is Chris' wedding ring?

[GMD] Kostartan says:

This movie was amazing, I had my hair stand still all the time, it felt FUCKING awesome. What else do Star Wars fans want?Why can you never be pleased?

Jack Peers says:

Is Rey is still bland af?

Kai Hughes-wilkes says:

Well of course the jedi are like samurai. Its where alot of insipration came from the look and feel if star wars.

Obscene Vegetable Matter says:

The Last Jedi stands head and shoulders above The Force Awakens. It's the best SW film since The Empire Strikes Back, and of course people are bitching and moaning. I have no idea what the complainers want and expect from a SW movie anymore.

The Tech Nerd says:

Smoke is murdered by Kylo ren

Johnny says:

I felt that this movie did not have enough non-binary trans femme aboriginal people of color in prominent roles. This denies their right to exist which is committing violence against the entire LGBTQ2R2 community. #starwarswhitesupremacy

Anna Soley says:

I'm sorry, but I really can't understand why this movie has gotten such a good rating from critics, when most of the fans give it a bad rating (just check out the user reviews on imdb). It gives me such an uncomfortable feeling, because it's as if most of the critics aren't being totally honest about what they actually think of the film.

Rui Busto says:

If it's millenial i has to have black and yellow

Lewko FTW says:

EVERYBODY; This is his opinion. Stop saying that he's wrong or he's paid and retarded shit like that, he just gave his honest views on the movie after he saw it FIRST time. Opinions can change after second viewings. Also, if you're gonna be so sad and retarded and pissed about a person's opinion, why click on a video that's LITERALLY ONLY HIS OPINION? I don't get people.

Mr. cat says:

cuckman trying to improve his self image by getting a tattoo

studmalexy says:

Star Wars: The Feminist Awakens

Antonio Roji says:

The USER SCORE in Rotten Tomatoes is at 56%, in Metacritic is at 50%, still critics claim the movie is awesome. That makes me wonder if Disney is actually paying critics.

zycane says:

Did we watch the same movie? The one I saw was pointless and the plot made no fucking sense, as Mark Hamill said himself, "That's fucking not Luke Skywalker, neither in spirit nor character?!"

So the real question, how much did they pay you?

Edwin Gonzalez says:

Did we watch the same movie? This movie didn't give us any new information. We don't know who are Rey's parents, we don't know anything about the First Order, Snoke is supposed to sense people from another planet but was not able to sense the lightsaber moving next to him? Really? Even Rey's training was not training AT ALL. Compare her training to Luke's training, hers was BS. This movie is hardly a C+, and that's just because of the action sequences. George Lucas, even though gave the world incredible special effects, was focused on plot and a really complex political story behind everything. In here, they barely touched that subject. Okay cool, rich people are the ones who like war because they make more money. I thought to myself "Okay, we have never seen this kind of political plot in any other Star Wars movie, this is gonna be good." And then they fucking abandoned it. They didn't explain how was Snoke connected to the rich guys that sell weapons and how he created the First Order. Am I supposed to just assume he's a rich guy who is buying all this? And what about the Knights of Ren? There's no complex plot here, there's nothing. Just cool action sequences and special effects. George Lucas knew how to make a good plot, that felt real even if it's all taking place in a fictional world in a galaxy far far away, it was not all fighting and flying spaceships. To a movie that's supposed to be the equivalent of Empire Strikes Back, it did poorly. In George Lucas' own words, "Star Wars is like poetry, it repeats itself". That was not a Star Wars movie.

Ashraf Abdillah says:

I'm so glad that Chris and I share the same opinion with this film. I absolutely loved although it isn't without it's flaws. But an A- is exactly what I told my friends when they asked for a review.

Sad to see so many fans hating on it. It's a fantastic film with a story that really breaks the mold of what Star Wars can be. Instead of going the Marvel or Call of Duty route, it carves a great interconnected piece of greatness. I loved the last Jedi and I hope more fans share my opinion.

Derek Hershey says:

One good lesson The Last Jedi should teach everyone is how Youtubers are bought off by prestigious early-access and sweet accommodations…in order to get prestigious early-access and sweet accommodations for the NEXT film.

MiraculousMImikyu says:

Adam Driver is gay

TheBrownLamb says:

What’s with all the dislikes?

bruce brennan says:

In return of the jedi luke goes to the forest to train with yoda he goes into the woods to fight his fear darth vadar when he takes vadars head of its him in the mask

Luke wears the vadar mask and comes back as darth vadar

Phil Wikina says:

There were just too many plot holes.

What was the point of Holdo NOT telling Poe the main plan, especially if that was Leias plan? When he finally learns, he accepts it easily and yet Holdo acted like he would've never done so earlier. The whole "Poe's mutiny" was really forced Melodrama and makes virtually no sense for a military unit to withhold crucial info and act petty to one another.

If the only point of Leias plan was to only send a message from the old rebel base, and she and Holdo knew that the ship was being tracked by light speed, then surely Holdo should've been open to having contingency plans and should've just okay'd Finn and Roses mission from the beginning, because it would've been the action that cost them the least amount of supplies and people. They were all working with the same time line

Moreover if Holdo's part of the plan was to sacrifice herself (a role that could easily filled by a droid) by tearing through Snokes ship with light speed. Why didn't she do that at the beginning even with all of the ships they sacrificed from the start, especially if they were just going to covertly abandon all ships. It would've quadrupled the damage to the First Order Fleet.

If Finn and Rose could leave the ship and reach a nearby planet undetected from both Rebel and Order. Why didn't the Rebels just send a small fighter to the base to send the message way ahead of them?

Once again the message is highly important, so why not have Finn and Rose's mission be them attempting to upload the message to the neutral allies, hopping planet to planet basically spreading the seeds of hope for the rebellion and eventually Phasma catches wind and chases after them to fulfull her vendetta. It would've been way better than going to Canto Bight only to discover the Grand Daddy of all Deus Ex machinas, 'Benicio Del Fucking Toro'

Why was Leia able to save herself with the force? Yeah at the end of ep 6, Luke says that Leia is strong with the force and would replace him if anything happened to him. But from ep 7 & 8 we clearly see that Leia has had no formal instruction with the force in the 30 year time skip. Yeah she can sense others very faintly, but saving your self in the vacuum of space with beyond jedi master level techniques is…just ridiculous.

Ther were too many sudden ultra force powers never even thought of.
How was snoke able to make a mental connection between Kylo Ren and Rey? He's had no contact with her ever before the end of the movie. Wouldn't it have been easier to make/Manipulation a connection between Ben and any of his relatives. Leias sudden Frosty Force Flight and. How does Luke's Force Projection work? How was he able to touch Leia and give her a physical pair of dice….that dissolved AFTER his projection. I know it is for the plot and makes for a cool shot, but still…

Finally how did Snoke even get in contact with Ben ever? If he was raised safely by his parents and Luke essentially at the heart of the rebellion how did he ever come into contact with Snoke at all. At least with Anakin we saw that since as a child he's was interacting, with the ultimate secret nigga Sheeve Palpatine who slowly influenced him. Here Snoke is given no backstory, yet Luke, Leia and Han clearly know of him way in the past and somehow let him find Ben.

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