Star Wars Ewok Adventures Making Of Teaser

Star Wars Ewok Adventures Making Of Teaser

Nah…just kidding. It’s the Making of Star Wars Caravan of Courage An Ewok Adventure. Tell Lucasfilm and Disney you want the movies released for a whole new generation on Blu-Ray and DVD! Sign the petition!

Tell them you want it released with all the extras like The Making Of, Deleted Scenes and Commentaries.

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joey Leverton says:

The guy who played Mace made this documentary

Universal Wisdom with Aiwen says:

I have to say the ewoks movies are still my favorite. I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration. I have a question, do you know of any tie ins to the ewok movies to any of the new ones? People keep spreading rumors. Did you read Tyrant's Test? Cindel is supposed to be in that book. Its all so interesting but I would love a third movie, or a special edition of the two movies. Would be magical.

Tyler Meyer says:

Is there still a petition? Because I will sign the living crap out of it. Ewoks: The Battle for Endor is my jam.

bluemonkey223 says:

Unfortunately I didn't find this film until I was in High school, a bit too old to truly fall in Love with the Ewok films. However I can appreciate their existence in a fun corner of the star wars movie universe. would love a to get a new release to share with my children.

fadedsaint says:

We are in face doing just that, i just did a vlog on the movie. i would love to see this released.

Ionetanausu says:

One more thing, !! u just came in mi mind because there is a new map in Battlefront the game with the Gorax cave!! totalli Canon. PD: nice audition ! 😉

Ionetanausu says:

U were my hero!!!

Jorpe1990 says:

My stepfather love Star Wars and when I were a kid, I seen these two Ewok-movies also with him. This is wonderful surprise, than video appears from actor 30 years after filming! 🙂 I have a question: WHY that lake, which captures Mace, had that enchantment? Sorry for asking if it was mentioned in that video, but english is not my native language and I´d like to ask from actor- especially, when you play major role in that scene 🙂

GESSO217 says:

How old was Warwick Davis?

Daniel Brongers says:

@Eric Walker I simply LOVE these movies. I already have it on DVD (called Star Wars: Ewok Adventures, which features both Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor). Since both films are not part of the new canon – which is kinda ridiculous to be honest – I would actually be happy if Disney would re-release these films on DVD and Blu-ray and make them official part of the Star Wars saga.

Again, I thought both the Ewok Adventure (Caravan of Courage) and The Battle for Endor were very entertaining. Shame you were killed off in the second movie though; you and Aubree Miller were great as Mace and Cindel respectively. I was kinda hoping that more movies were made at the time….now I think about it, I still do.

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