SPOILER ( 1998 Gary Daniels ) Sci-Fi ‘Demolition Man’ Action Movie Review

SPOILER ( 1998 Gary Daniels ) Sci-Fi ‘Demolition Man’ Action Movie Review

Roger Mason is a prisoner locked away in a futuristic fortress of a jail. Desperate to escape and see his daughter, he keeps making attempt after attempt to break free, but each one is foiled just as he’s about to gain his freedom. As his punishments include being frozen in suspended animation for years at a time, he stays the same age while his daughter grows older. As more time keeps being added to his sentence, he despairs of ever getting out.

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Indie Horror Movie fan says:

Needs a Boutique Blu Ray release

buckaroobanzai says:

Lots of Cool nuances from other movies & ad-libs from actors in this overlooked little gem. Would this one make it into your Gary Daniels Top 10 Greek Leg Of Lamb ?
An easy 6.5/10 for me, & from watching the German DVD release which was not correctly formatted ratio wise. Be sure to grab yourselves the US NTSC DVD of the movie if interested as it is the true 1:85:1 widescreen version of the film, which from having seen the trailer on the German release, which was in widescreen, looks Very Nice 🙂


Great review- I will have to check out that movie

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