Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review

Han Solo gets an origin story. Here’s my review of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY!

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Triskosity says:

Literally watching this to see him meet Chew, I wanna see Donald Glover, and Emilia Clarke is hot so I gotta see some of that. That one train scene looked cool too

Seta-San says:

Press F to pay respects

Dumitru Frunza says:

What Lucasfilm giveth, Disney taketh.

Justin Wilkins says:

I will just stick to watching the original trilogy.

Steelscout says:

I feel that this is a real honest review, and this is why i subbed to you years ago, thanks and much appreciated!

suicune2001 says:

Why couldn't the main threat be Jabba? I'm rusty on lore but wasn't Han trying to avoid him in the OT?

Basically A Person says:

Number 8 on trending in the uk

Jay Harper says:

U ain't no stuckman stop wiggling your shoulders and talk properly

Smithy Chris says:

More Generic, Forgettable Crap: A Star Wars Story

thegamingchip850 says:

I hope this is Kathleen Kennedy's last star wars movie, she's fucking it up big time

Bad Request says:

Come back jar jar we forgive you!!

Basically A Person says:

Shit this came out?

Gabriel Antos says:

good review but got damn do you need to cut the shots every five seconds it's kinda distracting

Brian says:

Ron Howard is a meh director. Of all the people they chose to direct… you know what? Fuck it I fucking called it I knew this was doomed from the start

Sam Pietsch says:

wasn’t ready player one a movie based on “hey i get that reference?”

rhetorical question, the answer is yes

Jimbo Bimbo says:

So… like the new trilogy, this movie was made without a story to tell. Disney just needs movies pushed out to make some quick bucks, so they make them even when the scripts are empty shit. Yeah, that franchise IS dead.

Damien Padilla says:

I am sick of Kathleen Kennedy passing on the fans. I will not see this movie and I hope others will not as well. Thank you for sitting through this Jeremy

Natasa Novakovic says:

Didn't expect much from this movie, I just knew it's gonna suck. As he said in the beginning it's the movie no one asked for 🤷

Desdicharo says:

As long as that feminazi bitch is writing current SW I am not going to watch a single disney SW movie ever. They killed the franchize with Ep 7 and 8. Fck Kennedy, fck SW

TheRealBeatMaster says:

Just give us the young Kenobi movie Disney, the only anthology movie we actually want.

Lawless heaven says:

well…I know what I am going to watch……

Roger Nice says:

I'm not watching this movie I don't want to support SJW Star Wars. Fuck Kennedy want her to get fire.

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