Solo A Star Wars Story Movie Review (My two cents on the matter)

Solo A Star Wars Story Movie Review (My two cents on the matter)


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Neilson says:

My plan was to avoid Solo in theatres and try and watch it some way that didn't involve supporting it financially (though at this point with the box office numbers the way they are I probably could anyway). But I think now I'll just wait for the Ivansexual edit.

Eliath says:

Maybe consider giving a movie rating based upon how much work it would take you to fix the movie (in line with the theme of the channel). Great review overall!

L. Argo30 says:

When I first started watching YouTube it was for movie reviews and I watch YouTube more than t.v. now. Your awesome & I’d love to see more reviews from you. Good luck Ivan !

Kev A. says:

I think it was Angry Joe who also said they seemed like cosplay characters.
p.s. Can you buy me a taco?

Luc Fauvarque says:

Looks like you will have a lot to do with this one.

Katheryne T says:

Oh when we saw L3 get killed we gave a sigh of relief! Such an annoying grating irritating sjw droid!! Aka Landos robotic sex doll!

Loiuzein Allieran says:

There's something about the way you move that makes me think you're a character straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

That's a compliment. 🙂

Jessie Grabow says:

You could give us dumbass movie reviews, but I like your smartass reviews better.

David Fredrickson says:

Redbox worthy; exactly what Ive said since it was first brought up.

Darkshizumaru says:

I think they forgot that Solo is a SMUGGLER not a train robber. Smugglers hide things in their transport to hide illegal goods from authority figures. Han would not run around trying to get in good with a heist squad… she's a smuggler of illegal goods like testical monsters and droids wanted by the empire.

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