Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review

Cinemassacre reviews Solo (2018) Directed by Ron Howard
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Toe Jam says:

Next Star Wars Movie is called. C3PO A Droid Story

Alejandro Apex Fraustro says:

When han solo says that "I have a good feeling about this" Is the equivalent of the "i hate snakes" from last Crusade.

Shogun5561776 says:

Solo: A Star Wars Story…….for Retards

Paul G says:

Should've cast Anthony Ingruber from Age of Adaline as Han.

Captain James Tiberious Kirk says:

I agree with Mike, this franchise should’ve ended in the 80s with return of the Jedi

evgeny razumov says:

rambo in time

hydrocity says:

The review we are waiting on is Cobra Kai.

Brotramel says:

Hey , Member Star Wars when it was cool? Member?

MrButtsavage17 says:

It sucked guys. And yes Maul was stupid.

Shirt-Guy says:

One parsec is approximately 3.26 light-years

Kefkafanatic says:

I'm waiting to see the Porkins movie

Munashiimaru says:

I wish they released the original one they shot. At least that way, the think pieces on youtube would be interesting.

Brandon C Maximum says:

I thought L3 was good. Same with K2SO.

Sega Sonic says:

Nerd, you have to do Super Mario Galaxy. Give it all the rant you got!

Brian Berghoff says:

Who has their own theatre?

JorgEduardorR says:

Damn what a buch of nerds talking about parsecs, I would love to be there.

rminitials says:

Han said he took a shit on tuesday?? He takes a shit on tuesday lmfao

Hedgehog Koebel says:

Terakasi was a form of combat in the Star Wars universe.

Andrew B says:

I went into this film expecting the worse, and came out of it fully enjoying it as a fun, heart filled, likable film.

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