So many lives wasted

So many lives wasted


anni dee says:

Not sure if you're familiar with Spencer Pratt, &a his wife Heidi just had a "miracle baby"- anyway I watch a ton of people on Snapchat and Spencer is an interesting study- on one hand he loves hummingbirds and crystals- so do I, on the way other hand he spends thousands and thousands, even right before their baby was born when it seems like a good idea to start saving for the expenses of a new kid- and he's buying Gucci hummingbird wallets, GIANT amethyst crystals, etc.etc. just frivolous stuff and flaunting the heck out of it, literally waving stuff in everybody's face and calling himself a playa. Not like a mesa, or a beach, but like player only more "hip". Head scratcher for sure.

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