Smiley horror movie review internet killer

Smiley horror movie review internet killer

My review for Smiley (2012)



WalkerFilms says:

Finally taking the dive to watch this one, so I decided to come back and revisit your thoughts. Kinda sounds like it could go either way, be effective or laughable, based on the viewer. Time to see how it goes!

torils65 says:

lol, thanks for the review.

John Wills says:

Not even gonna lie I really dug this just because it wasnt a sequel or a remake. Smileys mask is so badass to. I must say I didnt know any of the actors and I think that helped.

André Ingrês says:

you are awesome

Leah R says:

I loved how you burst out laughing, like your body was actually rejecting the idea of trying to do a serious review.


cauwel3 says:

They did it for the lulz

cauwel3 says:

Pot makes for a great horror film

cauwel3 says:

I did not expect much from this one.

Metaluna Zombie says:

looked interesting 'til I read the plot and saw the cast was youtubers.

Shibby Entertainment says:

Hahaha, great review! About the pot, when I think about it, I can't remember any German film where they doesn't smoke (at least one time) pot…laughable…

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