Small Town Crime REVIEW | Good Movies to Watch on Netflix Moive Reivew | Flick Connection

Small Town Crime REVIEW | Good Movies to Watch on Netflix Moive Reivew | Flick Connection

Small Town Crime is a good movie to watch on Netflix right now. Small Town Crime stars John Hawkes, Octavia Spencer and a handful of other great actors. It’s really well acted, well written and an enjoyable watch. It’s currently one of the best new movies to watch on Netflix. It’s only downside is it suffers from some low production value symptoms that detract from an otherwise fantastic film.

In Small Town Crime John Hawkes plays an ex cop who drinks… a lot and drives a beautiful matte black Chevy Nova. He discovers the body of a young girl and takes the investigation into his own hands. The movie is fun to watch from the onset but it eventually goes down a deep rabbit hole that I did not see coming. Anyone who loves good crime movies will really enjoy this one despite its shortcomings. This is my first Netflix movie review, if you like this Small Town Crime review I’ll be sure to review more good movies to watch on Netflix.


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Timekeeper & Poet says:

You are doing a great job. Congratulations on your progress. I think you see how big this can be. Moreover, congrats on your commitment to your passion and confidence knowing that the monetary opportunities are a far second to doing something you love.

Tank Connors says:

Man..i want a car like that!

MrTyDa says:

I just watched this movie the other day and enjoyed it. John Hawkes plays P.I. roles very well. Those roles just fit him.

William Johnson says:

Just watched this movie,it was very good 👍.Thanks for the recommendation.That Nova was pretty sweet too,nothing like classic American muscle.

J. Collins says:

Good vid love that t shirt always thought John Hawkes or whatever is a superb, underrated actor or at least not talked about nearly enough for his performances and % of movies he's in that are good to great movies. I wouldn't mind that if it was him though, I've seen first hand what it's like for a star (soap operas in this case) to be hounded in public by fans, even forced to leave a few places because he felt so uncomfortable, girls just getting all kinds crazy and this is on Kauai where usually the local people and transplants like me at the time just treat em like any other visitor, all kinds of famous people visit there often. Long as they act right and tip well ( I'm looking at you Tiger Woods you cheap fucker) they'll have plenty space to relax….. anyways way off topic. I say just do the reviews like this when you feel like it's warranted, I've enjoyed all the different formats so whatever you feel like doing works for me.

MoGreensGlasses says:

Dude, I was seconds away from renting this from Redbox. I'm not kidding. I was looking at THIS movie in the Redbox app when this notification popped. You just saved me a buck-fitty. 🤑

garyoldmanfan25 says:

John Hawkes is awesome, can't wait to see this! Great review.

Luis Almodovar says:

more like a water down Sam Spade,Phillip Marlow lost 90's movie. Pulp Fiction style that should have been made for a four rooms segment.

Bitter Gun Klinger says:

I had to IMDB who the Orthopedic was. Unrecognizable.

Eshom Nelms says:

thanks for recommending our flick! Means a mountain to us!

Nathan Rodriguez says:

You are very fair and give poorly reviewed movies by Rotten Tomatoes a second chance and I have never regretted it. Thanks man. Keep up the great work!

floralendurance says:

Im so sad… I got excited for a new video but i domt pay for netflix anymore. Not in my budget.

Sherilyn Lum-Alarcon says:

Dude just watched it and I agree. You cannot walk away from it because stuff just happens. I loved it. Keep it up.

Sebastian Calzada says:

Saw your video had a picture of John hawkes and had to stop what I was doing and watch that flick. The anti hero always gets me. Been a fan of Hawkes since I was in middle school and first saw him in the adventures of Briscoe county jr and then from dusk till dawn. I'm almost hoping they make a sequel with the three of them starting their own p.i. company.

sab walkswithpurpose says:

Please, stop saying "Haw-keez"…you're killin' me! "Hawks" except with an 'e'. Thank you.


On point with the review I saw it recently and enjoyed it as well. It's a dope noir that I could see existing in the same world as Small Crimes and Too Late.

Jess E says:

I have to watch this at least for the cars 🙂

Green Man says:

So, "Paging Mr. Herman…Mr. Peewee Herman" moments?

Mario Henriquez says:

I'm really liking your recommendations. I really enjoyed "Too Late" so I'm definitely watching this one. Already in my queue. Also, so that you don't go all dark on us, how about some comedy recommendations for a future video? Thank you.

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