Slender Man – Movie Review

Slender Man – Movie Review

A movie based on the recent myth, 4 girls summon the Slender Man, and now must suffer! Here’s my review of SLENDER MAN!

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James Owens says:

Are you trying to tell me that a Slenderman movie is… Good?

Rage Quit says:

isn't slender man a meme?

EthalaRide says:

I was there for all the Marble Hornets and TribeTwelve (and Everyman Hybrid) that really made the slender man mythos what it is and cultivated it from random creepypasta-dom using the Petrie dish of Youtube found-footage. I don't know how much the movie might comply with that mythos or if it just does it's own thing, but I don't know if I'll watch it.
One of the scariest/coolest things about Slenderman that made him kinda unique is that the more you learn about him, the more you know about the Slender Man, the more likely he is to come after you. And there are side effects of him being around like deteriorating health (coughing/fainting) and memory loss (blackouts/losing time). and this was before Doctor Who ripped them off wholesale with the silence. It's more of an Eldritch horror, because it basically induces paranoia and it's all your fault because you kept watching the videos and reading and doing more research, trying to figure out how to stop it when it's already too late and you're just making it worse and the best thing to hope to do is try and forget…
I don't know if the movie accomplishes that but I hope it kinda does.

NNick Plays says:

Huh, and here I was expecting a trash fire.

Might take a look at this one.

Mick & Mr Triangle & Friends says:

Slender was boring to begin with.

Justin Massop says:


Breaking News says:

The thumbnail is sooooo Jeremy! 👍

HamHockDeathLock says:

I'm shocked you gave this a thumbs up….it looks like a stereotypical teenybopper horror flick

lindinle says:

3:12 no. the movie is awful, stupid and wrapped in a blanket of retarded.

pjtiger10 says:

Oh NO now I can’t see Jeremy as anything but “The study session” guy

Turtale The great says:

Am I the only one who thinks it’s cute he thinks a majority of people still buy blue ray

lindinle says:

dude. this movie was fucking awful. iots one of the worst thigns i have ever seen.

Hawkeye Plerce says:

To be fair, the last words in Infinity War were an incomplete uttering of motherfucker.

SuperIronHalo says:

Slender man might be the best video game movie made.

Tim Gant says:

I'm kinda surprised

chris berg says:

I thought this movie was about when those two girls killed another girl bc “slender man told them to”

Pete Z says:

@King Darkstalker yep

Jerica DelaCueva says:

I never thought someone would make Botw comparison with Slenderman/Horror.

Trash Dove says:

Slenderman is a Creepy Pasta

EmoMexican says:

No intro spookie

Top - Secret says:

Bill Cipher created Slender Man

Shobhit Kaul says:

There! You invoked the "actual" slender man.. orrrr was it slAnder man?

You have men one or two in comments section them slander men . lol

Top - Secret says:

Is this spoiler free?

thatguyonyoutube says:

on the mythology bit: you'd be better off describing it as either a cognitio-hazard or an info-hazard from what I've seen of the movie. (SCP terms) hey actually has anyone done one of those 'describe X as an SCP' for slender? I know there's been one for FNAF

Mion Sonozaki says:

I just got back from seeing it an hour ago. It was better than I expected. I also appreciated the lack of false scares. I thought it was a pretty good movie.
And it kind of has a message about how creepypastas spread through the media, like the 'virus' in the movie. Won't say anymore, but go see it. It was great.

I subscribed.

CharlesRay says:

Jeremy you should watch the 100 if you havent yet.

John Adams says:

I really liked marble hornets. I don't understand why it's a group of girls in this one

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