Slender Man – Movie Review

Slender Man – Movie Review


John’s Channel:

Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger review Slender Man, starring Joey King, Julia Goldani-Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Javier Botet. Directed by Sylvain White.



OneEyedGhoulX says:

First Slenderman was a creepypasta to a video game now we have a movie.

Courtney Bilyeu says:

I usually only watch Chris’s channel and I think I’ve pretty much seen all of them… but it’s nice to see both of you together doing a review! You guys are great together

Christina M. says:

“This movie made me tired. I wanted to sleep” lol 😆

Malcolm X says:

Best intro ever

Novuscourvous says:

he isnt cgi. its a real actor

Trev 8 says:

He's not smiling in the thumbnail. Looks like this movie finally destroyed him.

Tristan Presents says:

Check out the Marble Hornets YouTube channel, it was a long running found footage series that first played out as a shady channel uploading really weird mysterious videos until you realize that it's scripted and it's about Slender Man. It was really well done for the time, at least how it started out.

KeyRan McC says:

A few good points in this video is that smartphones, the internet and our contemporary world has kind of ruined a lot of horror … the last few great horror movies where based before those things where around …

Carlos Valle says:

I dislike because of John… sorry.

Christopher Martinez says:

Omg my girlfriend had a bane's world shirt

trellified says:

I need to see this lol! Sounds so funny!

Sonic Speed Demon says:

Is the movie out?

Lucas Adams says:

Congratulations, you just summed up every Slender game ever made

Ethan Erway says:

It would have been better if it was like phoenix forgotten.

Roman Adrover says:

The video intro had about same quality special effects

Fancy Torchic says:

This is PROBABLY the best example of not respecting source material. Where is literally ANY of the lore that Marble Hornets spent years building?

igorvalladar says:

I mean, you don't need to make another movie, justo go watch marble hornets or one of the many web series about him

Anthony Rivardo says:

you two work so great together, amazing chemistry. keep collaborating!

SeaGoat says:

Damn man, I had high hopes for this..
Guess I’ll save the money.

Captain Imagination says:

Chris do Hilarocity reviews on The Last Airbender film and The live action Haunted Mansion film.

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