Sicario: Day Of The Soldado – Movie Review

Sicario: Day Of The Soldado – Movie Review

A sequel to Sicario comes to theaters this weekend. Here’s my review of SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO!



DarkJedi3000 says:

This movie goes downhill fast for the second half

Extiction Animation says:

I got an ad for that exact movie on this video

Adam Loring says:

J.J, what is going on with your hair?

capz says:

Thanos and the Collector

Nolan BArth says:


So, I saw this with my friend and he said he heard a line where the kid who was trafficking people across the US border said that Benicio Del Toro killed his father…? But I never heard him say that, but my friend swears he did! Did anyone else hear it?

Brandon May says:

That first Sicario was lightning in a bottle. I cringed when I saw they were doing a part two.

ming2479 says:

this is what happened when you switch a great director to a mediocre one

Whitney Asante says:

You and Chris Stuckman had such different responses to this movie I'm wondering if it's the same movie…

Darth Porg says:

Jeremy you should review the trailer for Mandy it looks like the best Nicholas Cage movie in a while

BRYAN G says:

If you are wondering. Actually yes in places in Mexico there will be a shootout and people will drive normally. Shit you not

High Evolution Studios says:

Yeah … when you said "cheddar", I stopped watching. Come on dude lol.

cooldude27ish says:

Gotta disagree with this one

MMTE Reviews says:

I just saw it and found the movie really engaging and I was hooked for just about the whole thing. Then the last 10 minutes of it and I left with, like Jeremy said, a sour taste. Overall I enjoyed it a lot but I agree it has a lot of flaws.

Jacob Battyanyi says:

Get a haircut, J-Man

Jeff Camp says:

This film was incredibly boring… dragged on and on and on. This film had absolutely NO idea what it wanted to be. No wonder they had to find a new director and cinematographer. They all dodged bullets by passing on this one. …

john dillinger says:

Obviously this guy doesn't know Mexico.Kidnappings happen down there regularly,and people aren't dumb enough to stop and interfere with guys shooting AK-47's.

Sam Zheng says:

Jeremy has not given a single awesometacular in 2018 thus far.

malcolm adderley says:

Is Bab Streisand on the soundtrack, I need an x tra reason to not see this! J.J. is still under the weather, he needs his spinach I.e. his Pam Anderson Barb Wire movie poster and Aliens Trilogy DVDs'!

G says:

Hey jahns the structure is the same as the first with the kid subplot

Sam Espinoza says:

You haven’t been in that situation. In Mexico, shoot outs are somewhat normal and it’s better to dip than react to the situation

RipUaNewApple says:

Mexican and Brazilian drug cartels, … we shouldn't justify their horror by paying for any movies glorifying their evil… their torture clips that come on liveleak and leakedreality sites are beyond awful, they skin their rivals alive, pull hearts and organs out, just last week a young girl, "a snitch," getting beheaded with dull machetes,.. I blame the cocaine speed freaks in America for making a demand for that crap, big part of the drug problem.

Carlos Douze says:

We are approaching July and Jeremy still hasn't given a single movie this year Awesometacular. Last time he gave a movie that rating was The Disaster Artist. What'll be the movie this year to finally earn it?

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