Sicario: Day of the Soldado – Angry Movie Review

Sicario: Day of the Soldado – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the next Cartel Action Film Sicario an unexpected sequel, does it live up to the surprising original? Find out!
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Voddi777 says:

Let me guess the guy on the left hates the film ?

Marco Solo 1324 says:

Nah man I like both movies they have there own message not spoiling anything but you need to watch this shows the dark part of the US dirty work that not every body has the balls to make. It's all about kids turning sicarios it's not a movie about action and fun enjoyment but to see reality.

Kombinatsiya says:

Most reviewers agree with AJ and gang: Metacritic give the movie a mediocre score of 60

cb2198 says:

Glad I'm not the only one. Totally pointless film, didn't really have a story to tell and didn't need to exist.

George Ainsley says:

Can anybody name me a film that the guy on the left has liked? Ever?

Kravesin says:

I wanted to be hype for this movie but finding out it was about some silly "save the little girl at all cost" I was like meh.
The 1st one was awesome (own it digitally), but if i want some KID BODYGUARD MOVIE id go watch


Danny White says:

stuckman gave it an A- lol

Harry Johnson says:

Emily blunt played a horrible character in the first movie. Useless. Glad she’s not in this one.

Vikings Shadow says:

I loved the first movie it was cool:D
The last good movie I watched was Deadpool 2.

MandosGTIAllDay says:

I like movie reviews…keep.them.coming

Keith Allen says:

Those machine guns we're 240s which are 7.62 mm not .50 cal. They probably would of penetrated the windows still after a few rounds

karl jonson says:

I really thought Alex will like it. I clicked only for that. Lol

Delaney Flickers says:

No new game review, yet a new movie review?! Unsubscribe. Get back to me when you start reviewing games again.

that1otherguy93 says:

Does the guy on the left like any movie?

Kronos says:

Didn't Sicario 1 failed?

Joel Monserrate says:

Can't wait to see it!!!!!

cinema gamer says:

Why did sicario even need a sequel in the first place? That's always bugged me.

Tainted says:

The 3rd act sucked so much. Had high expectations, but a let down.

jonsburyhill says:

yeah the game was much better

(10 points for anyone who guesses what game I mean)

M. Prado says:

The AngryJoeShow is the only review show I trust

punkinhicktown says:

I don't care you do movie reviews, but maybe just called them impressions. Don't you think its kind of a disservice to actual movie reviewers who have a long knowledge of film and can offer nuanced opinion, and you just go with a few friends kind of pay attention and then go bang up 30 mins on it? What do you offer? What place are your reviews coming from? I do enjoy your content, but I honestly don't know who this is for.

Dapper Enderman says:

I think they were aiming for a wider audience

K D says:

Guy on the left has no idea how to critique a movie.

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