Sea Monsters – A Prehistoric Adventure short review

Sea Monsters – A Prehistoric Adventure short review

Sorry this one’s so short; I’ve been focusing mostly on a bigger project (coming soon). Still wanted to give you guys another review to tie you over.

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Reid Norman says:

You said that there was a claymation movie that you were making. Whatever happened to it? And also, I know that you said that it was cancelled, but if there’s a small chance that part of you is listening, please make the 3rd and final installment to the “A Dinosaur Story” trilogy. There’s at least one benefit that you could get from this and that’s the fact that you’d get more subscribers and people would stop asking for it. Please consider this, from your biggest fan.

Peter Hortensius says:

Can you do mermaids the body found?

Jack Horn says:

You should review "Animal Armageddon" a series focused on mass extinction in history

Arrantmouse 70 says:

When Dino Trux review

Dino man says:

Finally I found another dinoman!!

Dashy films Animation, funny videos and more says:

Could you review Ark survival evolved

Reo Strawberry says:

you sound so much different from now and from a dinosaur story ( hope I dont sound rude ) ^^

insteg8 says:

Can you review life after dinosaurs

Indominus Rex Life says:

Can you talk about the ice age stuff like what lived in the ice age and ice age movies and other ice age stuff

Chai Ch says:

Try reviewing animal Armageddon

Prehistoric Earth says:

HoopsAndDinoMan, can you review one of the best documentaries by Discovery Channel made together with NHK (Japan) and KBS (Korea) called Planet of Life? It is a 7 part miniseries narrated by Stacy Keach, that traces the four-billion-year evolutionary history of the world covering the origin and evolution of life on Earth. I hope you can review this because this is one of the most obscured prehistoric documentaries of all time despite of winning the Emmy-awards, and made before the Walking With Trilogy.

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