Scream (1996) – Movie Review

Scream (1996) – Movie Review

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Scream as a landmark slasher film in the 90’s. Kevin Williamson’s fresh and self aware script paired with the masterful horror direction of legendary Wes Craven combined to create a movie that defined a generation. Being a slasher movie with loads of black comedy that recognizes and plays off of horror’s classic tropes and cliche’s while subverting all of them, Scream is endlessly rewatchable and entertaining. Time to dive into one of the most fun horror franchises and ask each other…”What’s your favorite scary movie?”

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Cody Leach says:

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Dudley Dawson says:

Scream on the top 5 best slashers ever

Malo Perverso says:

Is it me or does this Guy Talk kinda Fast!?

Elijah Ruiz says:

Do you think you can review both seasons of the Scream TV Series, because I think its one of the best TV shows based on a movie.

Subsaibot2526 says:

Ah the pranks my older brother pulled on me with the ghost face costume. Nothing like the scare of your life to start your day.

danglesnipecelly13 says:

Scream is an absolute classic! One of my favorites for sure! The first 10 minutes of that film is soooo good.

TheTonyahawk says:

Excellent review Cody spot on!! Funny I too have always hated Tatum's death, there is no way possible that a garage door opener would be able to do that. And the bathroom scene ya hit the nail on the head, worst scene of the film. Still I thoroughly enjoy Scream, I just re-watched it again myself on the 4th. Look forward to the completion of your take on the series, parts 2 and 4 are good but 3 is garbage.

Ryan LeMay says:

I don't know if this helps, but for me to make the bathroom scene make more sense, I like to tell myself that it wasn't actually one of the killers, but one of the students…OR if it has to be Billy or Stu, I say that their plan was always to kill Sydney at the party, so any attack on her before that, killing her wasn't the intention, since she was still a virgin. (I also use the "other people in the costume" theory for most of the sightings like outside the house or in the grocery store. It helps make sense of how Billy and Stu couldn't be there and with Randy at the same time)

SLiMmcl says:

Best intro haha

Destination Station says:

I love this franchise! I wish there was flashback scenes of seeing which killer killed who and how and why they did it.

Drowned Boy Productions says:

hey man I am actually the biggest collector of funworld merchandise, and a huge scream collector, if you want to learn more about the origins of the mask itself i have a video covering that specifically (all scream fantastic faces) and many videos including other ghostface and scream stuff. thanks for the video!

Kyra Haugen says:

The first time I watch Scream I thought Randy was the killer and ya he is one of my favorite characters because he is like us. God bless Randy hope to meet him some day.

iEatDogs says:

Lol Cody how you felt with scream when you were young is like exactly how I feel with the new IT, I'm 13 and everybody thinks that they know horror movies because they watch IT and it pissed me off lol. Just kinda made me laugh how you said that at the start because that's literally me exactly, I've been watching horror movies since I was 4 too lol.

Kyra Haugen says:

Surprise Sidney. This video should be the best video in the world. I love Scream and Cody so much. RIP Wes Craven. I wish I could have meet him.

lee wright says:

U didn't mention Tatum

Kyra Haugen says:

Scream is my fav movie of all times.

Steven Duering says:

1) Nice Wayne's World reference
2) I love how Scream states "The Rules"… and how they broke them

Caleb 24 says:

Is it bad that the opening scene in this movie still scares the shit out of me.

Gabriel Lewis says:

Such a good review Cody!!!

matyblaze says:

the movie that got me into horror, I was 9 and my parents rented it for me to watch while I was being babysat. had no clue who drew Barrymore was truthfully I thought they fucked up the rental because all I saw was her name on the cover and I thought it was a guys name. I was terrified and thrilled and im sure I couldn't sleep but ill never forget my dads face a couple days later when we watched it together, he actually pressed his hand to his mouth like the poster and was just horrified at saying yes to renting it for me. coincidentally the third film was released on my birthday and my dad was the one buying my ticket sneaking me and two friends to see it. gotta love fate.

NGT Productions says:

Your opening scene was hilarious

Tony S says:

It's bizarre that Scream is now "old school". More time has elapsed between Scream and now, than Scream and the 1978 Halloween. Crazy. Same thing with Dazed and Confused.

Lance Davis says:

Better Scream sequel– Scream 2 OR Scream 4? Thoughts?

Esley Grier says:

Nice you and Lee from Drumdums are finally getting sponsored.

Jackie Sweeney says:

I watch all 3 scream movies scream 4 is the worst movie out of all the scream movies

Bruce Brown says:

Your skit was funny made me laugh…lol, love the review Cody the scream movie is awesome to watch, the opening scene is amazing love the kills, ghost face is an awesome killer and Sidney is a badass final girl. Movies like these is why i'm in love with horror movies. I love the first 3 scream but I find that scream 4 was pretty good but not as good as the first 3, looking forward to your next review.

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