Schlock Cinema #3 – Reptilicus (1961) Review

Schlock Cinema #3 – Reptilicus (1961) Review

The third in my Schlock Cinema series, where I look at movies too bad to be taken seriously. I take a look at 1961’s Reptilicus, starring Asbjorn Andersen and Carl Ottosen.



eltonsmor says:

Haha I love Reptilicus for the crappy brew that it is. Carl Ottosen is very Carl Ottosen- this type of character was what he was known for (although Knagsted in Livsens Ondskab was a very different type).I think you either love him or hate him.

jonbecker03 says:

first of all, "reptilicus" is a fairly elaborate b movie.there are some complicated scenes involving military logistics.  second, how you respond to "reptilicus" depends on how you are feeling at the time.  the first time i saw the film, i thought it was smoothly paced and quite enjoyable.  the next time i saw it, it seemed rough and choppy.  i guess i just wasn't in the mood.

theKyleJillian says:

I still love "APE" I think that's my favorite of your schlock movies. You hit the nail on the head when you described the Ape destroying buildings sounds like crumpling up trash. The first time I heard it when I watched it I truly could not stop laughing because it totally sounded like paper, or a potato chip bag. Love the schlock videos thanks Sean.. Donald

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