Scenes From “The Burning Bed” (1984)

Scenes From “The Burning Bed” (1984)

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Jan Herrmann says:

This must been stressful for her life,knowing her husband,the adored husband of 50 yrs plus., no golden years for this one..

laurel jade says:

what goes around comes around.

Angela Mason says:

One wife walked in to find her husband raping thier five month old baby.She immediately shot him with a shotgun.She served 17 years in prison.Our system is fucked up.

Steven Malchiodi says:

I don't care what anybody says this guy had it coming good bye and good riddance good for her.

rain73ful says:

I would have killed that bastard long before she did! Self defense I say. R.I.P, Farah.

Plazzy Allnonlygood says:

Dare a (omitted)to TRY THAT SHIT WITH ME. AGAIN. YA, I learned the hard way. Point is. .I LEARNED. AND now. ..I know. Victims still have a handful of rights these days. Not nearly as many as criminals but enough that I WILL end you and your stalking BS. I might spend a few hours in jail- less than 24 hours, but that's all.
People – vpo's and repeated calls to 911 aren't going to help you. AT ALL. TRUST ME, I KNOW. You better learn how to help yourselves. Within the law. Which is what I did. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be writing this now. That's the truth, so help me God.BIGGEST mistake i made… i didn't kill him. I should have though- He did time and he's out now. Next time Will be the last time.

Al Capwned says:

This movie was chilling.

thelittlepilgrim says:

So horribly depressing.

laurel jade says:

they leave, but a lot of the times they go back 🙁

msshawnel says:

I would of done the same

Douglas Chapman says:

Francine Hughes passed away last month at age 69 in Alabama

whitwhit87 says:

can't be me..he would've been dead a long time ago…

Fuck ur feelings says:

What a piece of shit he was, totally deserved to roast alive.

maxxsir321 says:

Happy ending indeed.

Adam Harris says:

Mickey called Fran a bitch and whore.

stan smith says:

Just heard that the real Francine Hughes died at 69 of pneumonia on March 22 in Alabama.

Kim M says:

Where is the movie pls??

Jack White says:

lit his bitch ass up…. I remember this coming on TV when I was a kid in the eighties

X Mane says:

white dudes really are harsh on their women

Henry Swagford says:

the acting is fucking horrible lmao

Rae Cabrera says:

Men who hit women are bitches. They not men at all. Idc what the situation was they should never raise their hand to a woman

Rae Cabrera says:

I feel bad for any woman who went through that. I sorta did even though my ex never slapped or punched me. But he was such an asshole

President Trump says:

Shame on you John Milner.

Anita Loyd says:

Bady the fame return

sactiger says:

The prick got just what he deserved – and he continues to burn in hell.

Susan Soares says:

wish I could talk to that woman and let her know I went through that same hell

My Ego says:

This is SUCH a good movie.

luvgaga 26 says:

men who beat women should have their dick and there hands cut off just saying

Jason Gibson says:

This movie had more abusive scenes than the motion picture called What's Love Got To with it and this movie was a made – for -tv  movie. I find that kind of odd or strange.

Mario Duane says:

She should have shot him while he was burning! motherfucker deserved to die! Nothing else was gonna stop him. The part that killed me was when the police pulled up while he was kicking her ass and did nothing! And the scene above when she was just trying to feed her kids and he still beat her in front of them! I hope he's still burning in hell!

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