SCARIEST MOVIE EVER? | Veronica Netflix Horror Movie Review

SCARIEST MOVIE EVER? |  Veronica Netflix Horror Movie Review

Ohhhh, I watched the scariest movie ever! At least that’s what I keep reading online. I tried to keep this review as spoiler free as possible in case you haven’t seen Veronica (on Netflix now), and I give you my run down on whether I think this is one of the scariest movies ever or if it’s all just hype.

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Alfredo Morales says:

I also agree you should do a top 5 or top 10 scary movies!

Tobias Mober says:

Just saw it… it was ok. Great video as always??

Mack Elwood says:

As a horror fan, have you delved into the more intense ones like Martyrs and (for anyone reading this, if you haven't seen it, probably don't) A Serbian Film? Might be cool to do a top list of most intense horror.

Mack Elwood says:

Agreed. Not very scary, but I liked it as a film.

Josh Hoke says:

The only horror that truly scares me is the possession or true life supernatural shit. Probably because I grew up taught that it was real and have had some fucked up sleep paralysis experiences. Usually it’s just that the movie gets me in my head and then I freak out in my sleep, not that o even get scared by the movie. I do love horror though. It’s fun watching these kinds of videos you’re making man. I really dig the Binge.


The scariest movie i have seen in my life has got to be the Exorcist, even now that i am a grampa it still scares the hell out of me. The movie that i never understood why everyone was saying that it was super scary was the Blair Witch Project, i found it dumb and not scary at all.

Corey Saunders says:

The cinematography was great, the movie was “meh”. I’ve been more scared looking at my phone bill than I was watching this movie.

myvicentiu says:

tx for the spoiler. i'm so not gonna watch this. lol for me the scariest was Quarantine 1, MAMA. and Babadokdokdooooooook lol. , oh btw what was your SOTD at the time of the video? hey GS can you do a top 5 best fragrances to wear when watching horrors ? lol

Nestor Gillespie says:

I hope you liked The Ritual, now I have to recommend a decent Finnish horror Bodom, this one and here is an awesome teaser

Tired of Fools says:

Ashton… ..seeing a "TON of horror movies" means we now want your Top 5 Scariest Movies, Top 5 Slasher Movies..etc…. This coming from a fellow Movie viewer who has also seen a "Half-Ton" of horror movies. 🙂

Bruno Giambroni says:

The last thing that really freaked me out was insidious. Even in spite of the comically bad last 15 minutes or so

Bruno Giambroni says:

I liked it but I don’t know if it’s worth any hype. The ‘twist’ was alright ??‍♂️
I actually watched the movie cause I saw you had uploaded this review. Hadn’t heard of it beforehand so thanks for the heads up

MrTShbib says:

I would have to guess that the article in which this movie was called the scariest ever was bought for marketing/pr. Anyways this movie was OK, but not even in the top 50 scariest I’ve seen.

jkroner659 says:

Ash, my favorite horror movie of all time is “Witchboard” from the 80’s, have you seen it and would you do a review on it? I’m gonna re-watch it tonight in fact, snowstorm inbound, time to watch some horror films 🙂

Vazcular says:

This is the first time I've seen this channel of yours. Didn't know you had something other than Gent Scents.

Chaos Fragrances says:

I feel like that's one problem with Netflix releases, you have a bunch of teenage girls on Twitter going crazy over it etc etc. Whereas one article is released on how scary it is and now all of a sudden EVERYONE tricks themselves into believing that it is really scary. Nice review, I don't have Netflix anymore otherwise I would check it out.

Tyrone Dean says:

You should do the top 5 or 10 scary movies ?

Jimbo Bannister says:

Ashton what are a couple of the scariest movies in your opinion? My wife loves them, im not really a fan because they're usually dumb to me. I remember Stigmata scared the $hit out of me when I was younger!

matt berniquez says:

WoW thats funny man its what-were all thinking Great review nailed it bud

Jeremy Williams says:

Great review, Ash. I am also a huge horror movie fan, and I have also seen a lot. And with a name like Ash, how could you not be a horror fan? That " The Evil Dead" poster behind you is therefore quite appropriate…As for Veronica, I will definitely watch it. I really liked REC and REC 2, both directed by Paco Plaza. Definitely some skill there as you mentioned, because those are great horror films. As for other Spanish horror films with English subtitles, have you seen " The Devil's Backbone"? It's a great Guillermo Del Toro film. Also. "The Orphanage", directed by JA Bayona? I love that one. Anyway, thanks for the review man. Your channel rocks.

Kerim Handal says:

Maybe a top 10 list for movies sometime?.. also, I would totally buy a “Gents Scents” or “The Binge” shirt or something like that.

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