SawItTwice – COCO Initial Reaction

SawItTwice – COCO Initial Reaction

Why you won’t want to miss Disney·Pixar’s “Coco”! Check out this video for a non-spoiler review of Pixar’s newest release!



Yuna Huia says:

Thank you for the review, I couldn’t agree more! Hugs from Mexico ?

Luis Gomez says:

Wonderful review and insight as to the meaning of the movie.

lolapepa777 says:

What a wonderful review! I cried like there was no tomorrow! You are totally correct this movie is a must see! I miss my Family amd my grandma Simona.

ProfesorFeliz says:

Remember me! ???Hello from México.

ProfesorFeliz says:

Remember me! ???Hello from México.

Andi RV says:

COCO is Pixar's 6th movie to grade an A+ from audiences from CinemaScore and the first since UP in 2009.

Martin Rey says:

I enjoyed your review! A big hug from Mexico!

Alfonso Herrera says:

100% agree.

Minute Movie Pop says:

Love your review! I couldn’t agree more ☺️

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