SANJU | LIVE MOVIE REVIEW by Pakistani (Live Stream)

SANJU | LIVE MOVIE REVIEW by Pakistani (Live Stream)

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George Edward says:

Tune bina matlb ke jimmy shergill ko target kar k galat kia apni ego apne pass rakho tum kya ho woh Jimmy sher gill hai

Abhineet Saini says:

Why you doing over acting????
Earlier i liked ur reaction…. but now u not giving reactions but trying to make fun only…. n thats really disgusting

25011990rockstar says:

Bhai Kashmir bhi India mein hi hai. Iska kya mtlb hua ki Indian bhi bhai hain aur Kashmiri bhi bhai hain

Jassa Singh says:

Faris shafi bhai k song ka update dene k liye thanx..baki video ab baad me dekhenge 😂

Sharwan Singh says:

Sir i m huge fan of urs reaction.. Some time i re n re watching videos just becoz of ur opinion n ud reacting delivery… N mah fav line is… Bhot Aala bhot aala.. Je baat… Mtlb bnde me jo baat h.. This typ of ur daulouges 😘😘
Keep posting videos… N m requesting to you for namstey london best daulouge.. plss react on this….

Trilochan Amanatya says:

mimicry nhii he yea movie

ujjwal ruhela says:

Bhai India or Kashmir ko alag na bol 1 hi hai plz…jalti hai yr koi aise bolta hai to…

ujjwal ruhela says:

Yr Kabhi India Ka tour Karo ….
South k Mandir
North k kiley
East ki nature
West k bitches…👀

ujjwal ruhela says:

Rajkumar hirani is special…❤

ashish hooda says:

Bhai Anushka brilliant actress lagti hai, seriously!
Tera channel hai. Sach to bol bhai.

Kishore Kumar says:

I use to watch your you lost one…reason your analysis and presenting skills are too shabby, Reaction means in detail analysis but instant reaction means short and logically…….

Vicky Kaushik says:

Bhai Jaan I felt you are drunk…but hatsoff for your reaction, you still noticed the key points…by the way background score was really pissed off…any ways love you bro… please re-watch the movie and react again…really wanna have your comment on deep details.

Kamal kishor says:


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