Retard O Tron 3 movie review (UW+R)

Retard O Tron 3 movie review (UW+R)

In the season 3 premiere of Unboxed Watched and Reviewed I watch the highly anticipated and very gross Retard O Tron 3 Video Mixtape! You guys ready to start this?? I know I am!!



Zach Brehany says:

I swear: when the Japanese vomit couple started, I was half expecting to see Lucifer Valentine stick his head around a corner with a massive grin on his face.

BaronMyndsNastyFinds says:

I've just watched the mixtape, I'll review soon!

rabid rabbitshuggers says:

I feel your pain–I generally have an extraordinarily high pain threshold when it comes to injuries, but I once accidentally banged my thumb and the whole nail went backwards. It's the only time the sight (not even the pain) of my own injury made me pass out.

Brian Gilliam says:

Oh wow…I feel exactly the same way about finger and toe nails. it's the grossest thing ever. I was squirming right along with you…and the asian lady puking on the salad and what not…I about lost it lol Dude, you are awesome! You're hilarious and I'm living your videos!

Monkismo says:

You almost scared me away from these but I took a chance and watched all three and loved them.

They maintain a sense of humor that eases the pain of some of the nastier bits, and aside from minor jackass-related injuries no people or animals seem to have been harmed in these. #2 is my favorite. Hoping there will be more.

Natalie Gillis says:

This review made me LOL. I just recently discovered your channel and it's hilarious. You are definitely my fav person on youtube right now 🙂

Simia Canis says:

I saw a similar mixtape on VHS back in the 90s.  I told the person who showed it to me about this series, and then felt bad that I might be responsible for them seeing these (the videos, not your amazing reviews).

Hellbound Iscariot says:

Ew, I didn't need to see that Asian girl puking.  I feel like puking and I feel slightly light headed right now.  I have a headache now and I feel sick as I listen to you review this film.  I found a fake finger nail and a bracelet in my heater, that's probably least disgusting than THIS.

Justin Jumroontat says:

Hi otoobach, your movie reviews are the best. Have two questions to ask, its been 4 months , have you stopped making movie reviews? And last question, where do you get these movies from? What website? I would like to see some of the videos you have reviewed. Thank you for your time. =}

Jr Detective says:

when are you donig the 4th season?? I miss looking forward to your vidz every week

BloodylocksBathory says:

Jesus Christ, I think during white trash theatre I actually experienced a smell flashback, I could smell peanut butter for two seconds.

Lucas Warren says:

The toe nail thing made me gag

lelly donovan says:

omg hes got pliers on it, funniest line ever

Lucas Warren says:

So what's worse retard o tron,pigfist,or the whore church btw u got me interested in mixtapes and I'm hopping to make my own…yes it we'll involve slim snorting evil laughter

Callum Assinder says:

I swear, those tiny minuscule clips of the puking made me actually puke.

brad022674 says:

Dude your reviews are fucking hilarious!!

Matrix29bear says:

10:23 — Fake mustache + fake eyebrows.
Looks familiar.  Looks at otoobach. Back at Fake Mustache guy.
Back at otoobach. Back at Fake Mustache guy.  TWINS.  Net conclusion. Both are the same man because they are part of the production crew & acting team & promotion team.  Vanity has ruined your sly attempt at secrecy.

otoobach says:

awwww. Thank you!! Seeing my name in this movie made me feel famous!!

LucasDFilms says:

Whyyyyyy you are not famous what the fuck is this world

Cybernetic964 says:

Gotta see this

otoobach says:

Thank you so much, I'm glad you found me!! 🙂 And yes, I took a xanax! lol Mixtapes give me panic attacks!! lol. I puke up a xanax in one of my reviews, it was so gross coming back up. :/ Thanks for subbing!!

Chesa Kramer says:

As long as you keep rockin as much as you do I'll continue to be loyal to you!! 😀

otoobach says:

awww! well Im glad to be back with new ones! 🙂 Thanks for being such a loyal viewer!!

Chesa Kramer says:

WOO HOO!!! I really missed your reviews!!

otoobach says:

Thanks buddy!! You know though, after giving it some thought it could have been worse. He could have USED egg salad instead of peanut butter. now THAT would have been sick. Hope you are doing well!

MrRottenmike says:

Great video as usual. It's good to see that someone else shares my distain for egg salad and finger/toenail injuries.

Jonathan 123ABC says:

I did something similar to the toe thing put it was my pinkie toe and it was on accident

otoobach says:

lol I'm such an idiot! haha thanks for commenting!

martylaurence says:

"I know I guess I am!" hahahaha!

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