Requested Review – High Tension (2003)

Requested Review – High Tension (2003)

A movie so good that it turns to complete shit in the last 10 minutes.



James Faust Jr says:

Bad writing. Wtf was the idiot thinking lol

James Faust Jr says:

Lmao i loved it but hated the twist. It made no sense.

Jessica Leila says:

I assumed that Marie imagined all the stuff that was happening throughout the movie, like her being with Alex in the truck and the car chase scene. It is weird that she sustained all of her injuries, which is something i didnt even realize until you mentioned it. But what im trying to say is i dont think we are supposed to assume she actually was all the places they showed in the movie when the killer (her) was killing. ex – her hiding in the closet but in reality she was murdering the mother. Seeing herself hiding in the closet is what her alter ego would have done, but isnt actually what happened…if that makes any sense

thistakestoolong70 says:

In addition to what others are saying the whole point of this was to be a huuuuge twist which you can't argue it wasn't whether you liked it or not. It's right up there with the original Saw in terms of biggest twist


you totally over analyzed this and missed the point. Dont focus on the literal facts like "how did she drive two cars at once" "how did she murder herself" etc etc….the killer is her sexual frustration and this victimizing violence arose from her sexual repression damnit.

mike says:

youre trying to logic the movie when you forget its storytelling. and story can be convoluted and crazy. it doesnt have to be linear or logical in the end if the story was compelling. remember that the intro and outro have that little mantra that the crazy chick is repeating. and also remember that the story is mainly shot from the chicks point of view. so if the chick were to be retelling it in her mind, she would probably make crazy edits. we are watching a memory. not journalism. the twist created another layer of plot. it doesn't need to check out completely as the meaning now changes at the end. but the story is still both a mixture of account and storytelling.

mike says:

Raphael yelling "damn" . love it

wade Catt says:

Why review movies you hate? If the ending was what you wanted it would be nothing more than the rest of the junk you actually like. Horrible review. How many movies have you made? wow

Tera La'Shun says:

I watched this movie and Wolf Creek back to back, afterwards I can say I used the dvds to hold up a table… hated it

tdg223 says:

Shit review

Don Smith says:

All points I totally agree 1000%

TrailerTrashThorne says:

Your review was not worth watching, sorry. First off, you used metallica in your intro after you said that you hate this film which leads me to assume you have extremely stereotypical american taste in entertainment (your taste sucks.) Secondly, you failed to mention the opening scene with marie in the ward which in hind sight is a very important scene. In fact, that you didn't mention that scene explains your hatred for the movie. The twist completely blindsided you and you couldn't handle it. I'm not at all saying it was a great twist but not terrible. But honestly, I could have chalked all that up to just different opinions. Then you state the dub is terrible………Like your a "film master" yet you think anyone gives a shit about a dub? I'm sure Oldboy's dub sucks, but I'm fairly certain you're retarded if you purposely put on the dub. It was after that I stopped the review because I'm 100% positive you're just nitpicking at every reel in this film. That's not a critique, that's a roast. Kinda like what I just did to the first 2 and a half minutes of your review.

Robert O'Brien says:

What did you think of Alexander Aja's other film, Mirrors?

Daniel Selk says:

The ending came and I was like…seriously, is THAT all this is about?-_- Felt like I wasted my time right then and there. 

Luis Ramirez says:

this movie was awesome

mcsnoozeburger says:

i missed it too but if you go back to the opening credits you find out this is the story shes telling the pshychiatric ward, made up within her head so she dosent seem crazy, granted it dosent disolve everything but it gets rid of how she was in two places at once. errors like her imagining the killer shifting from herself and back again being one of them

Dawson Joyce says:

I agree. This movie started out really good until the twist came along and raped the whole movie up the ass.

LeastLikedCritic75 says:

Adam's right the twist made no sense.

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