Reptilicus DVD Review

Reptilicus DVD Review

Reptilicus is the greatest giant monster movie to come out of Denmark. Actually it’s the ONLY giant monster movie from that country. Lucky for Reptilicus it has no competition, as it is a classic Grade Z masterpiece, released in the US by American International Pictures. This is a short review of the movie and the MGM/UA Midnite Movies DVD.



gregory Smith says:

What the DVD release lacks is the Danish original, directed by Poul Bang and starring just about everyone from the American version, save for Marlies Behrens (Behrens replaced Bodil Miller in the role of Connie in Pink's American version because Bodil could not speak English).

Bang's version does away with that ridiculous green slime and adds a romantic subplot between Sven and Karen. Alas, it has two of the most infamous moments in sci-fi movie history — Reptilicus flying, eh, I mean floating and a song-and-dance routine between Petersen (Dirchs Passer) and a bunch of elementary school-age kids where he tells them to be careful or they'll be attacked by his "'tilicus."

P.S.: The reason the voice dubs don't work is that the Danish actors did their English dialogue slower than normal so they could be understood. Their accents were still hard to understand, so producer Samuel Z. Arkoff had them dubbed by American voice-over actors who talked at normal speed, so the lip movements don't really match. Then again, with Sidney Pink's absolutely dreadful dialogue, it might have been a good idea to leave the Danish-accented English in.

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