Red Sparrow Movie Review

Red Sparrow Movie Review

Red Sparrow Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review of 2018 spy movie! Jennifer Lawrence! Joel Edgerton! Russia!

Red Sparrow Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of Red Sparrow, the 2018 spy movie starring Jennifer Lawrence as a spy from Russia and Joel Edgerton as a CIA agent! Should you see the full movie? Enjoy Red Sparrow in 2018 on Netflix and make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie news, trailer and review on YouTube today!

Hitchcock vs De Palma – 00:00
Angelina Jolie – 1:11
Really? – 2:28
Sloppy Storytelling – 3:05
Mary Sue Spy – 4:00
Beauty in the Spy Game – 4:21
JLaw Looks Great – 5:36
2nd Best Scene – 5:46
Joel Edgerton – 6:26
Locations & Music – 6:47
Story No Spoilers – 6:55
Conclusion – 7:18

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



The Watcher says:

Jennifer Lawrence is a sleezy no talent horrible actress this is no surprise!!

Juan Alvarez says:

Why is the background the Colombian flag????not judging just asking

monkeekiller20 says:

i don't think they were TRYING to make a sexual movie. but that the story is laced with sexuality in conversation of all kinds

ash LAND says:

J law in a porno

MrDoug41 says:

I have seen 3 reviews on this movie and no one gave it a genuine positive review but they all seemed to like it. Weird.

RockdownPlus says:

Jennifer's career was damaged by that awful mother movie.

aikighost says:

Honestly this is the review that made me realise how disconnected holy wood reviewers are from the rest of the world.

Cherzo says:

quite a bad movie

Stephen Thomas says:

Oh so now we bring up when someone training is cut short, but in when Rey in Star Wars training is minimal, it's ok for you.

craigjkb says:

This so sad for Jennifer Lawrence in the middle of this metoo movement I don't think this is a good move for her. I still want watch it but i will wait for it goes Netflix or some other location. She's already gorgeous I don't know why she would do this thanks Grace for your review on this movie.

Gold Helix says:

I really hate that Mary Sue Term.

Bobby Basic says:

Angelina is still one of the biggest actresses of all time. She’s just hasn’t acted in forever and keeps rejecting good roles. I mean she was supposed to be cast in Gravity and as black widow.

RaymBWW says:

when it comes to nudity in movies where are frontal nudity by men and not just women , its been far too long that this one side issue is around still. Nudity to me is not going to save a movie .

Kermit's teatime says:

Alfred Hitchcock & Brian De Palma themed soft porn spy movie. That's sounds awesome.

stan daman says:

jennifer lawrence is nothing but this generation julia roberts, Meaning she is just a female token actress!!!!!!!!!! I don't watch her movies. I don't think she's that good. She's just a token female who is used as a symbol.

Devin Moore says:

So…. I wonder if this woman knows that this was a novel before it was a movie; in which the character is a spy that uses sex as a weapon?? This wasn't a graphic film created by someone just to shock and shake things up. The author of Red Sparrow is a former CIA operative. I also say this because of all the people who keep going on about a wannabe Black Widow type of movie.

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