Red Faction Origins Review

Red Faction Origins Review

I’m surprised by how good this film is, especially for it being a SyFy Channel film and a live action video game movie.



Salty Gamer101 says:

Crap review

connor jensen (kroganhunter) says:

The soldiers in the baried drednot are probebly a rogh black ops grop

Johny40Se7en says:

@ThreeMarlets I can 'shed some light' on that dreadnaught for you =)

If you haven't completed Red Faction Guerrilla yet SPOILER ALERT – At the end of the game, you(Alec Mason), the Red Faction and the Marauders adapt a surface to… space =P weapon that you use to shoot that thing down, it's quite epic.

The Nano forge is a weapon that dissolves or disintegrates stuff, it's as cool as it sounds.

I haven't seen this, I hope to though, the trailer looks good and I just want to see it for myself.

ThreeMarlets says:

@MrPrototypz Indeed this movie was certainly not good in an objective technical level, but it is a SyFy channel movie so I kinda grade it with a crutch so to speak and it did keep me somewhat entertained for the two hours I watched it (though it did drag at points). 

ThreeMarlets says:

@brought2war And it would be nice if they had dropped a specific line in the film saying that. Though that still doesn't explain why there is a Dreadnaught buried in the Martian Soil 

Shaun Lindsay says:

You have to remember, the EDF wasn't even supposed to be there. The Marauders and Red Faction joined forces to start a revolution against them and send them off planet. So technically they would not be able to contact Earth without violating the treaty.

d d says:

Rofl got home from a family party and watched it from 1am-3am was tired but it was pretty good. The commercials were fking annoying. I'm sad that the marauders didn't wear their gas masks otherwise it was alright. And wtf was with the Ipod haha. You know the guy named Adam Hale in the movie? He's the person who controls the alien shits in Armageddon.

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