“Red Cliff I” Movie Review [HD]

“Red Cliff I” Movie Review [HD]

My thoughts on the first part of John Woo’s Chinese historical epic. Is this nearly six-hour production worth its weight in gold? Does this first part live up to the immense critical hype? Should you check this out despite the daunting nature of it? Watch my review and find out! Expect a review for “Red Cliff II” up tomorrow or the day after (and a subsequent link to appear in the video) as well as a review of the Region 1 Blu-Ray for the extended cut to appear a few days after that.

Opening Song: “What Planet is This?” by Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts
* Note that I claim no ownership of the song and am merely using it for entertainment purposes. If you want it taken down, I will do so. So please…don’t sue me. =)



spidermeow2014 says:

Yes, this film is a master piece especially it is based on real ancient warfare. However I don't expect it to go well in the western world. Most people have no interest in history, but this is worst because it is ancient chinese history. People won't see it as historical battle replay but instead a boring urgly stupid ching story. Nevermind, it made a big impact in Asian countries.

Nick Craig says:

I love this movie, and I love your review, but it's pronounced "saow saow," not "kaow kaow." Just thought I'd point that out, sorry.

phantomsdaydreams says:

@CosmoShidan Haha Funny you say that, I had rented "The Warlords" the same day I went out and bought "Red Cliff"! IOne of those moods, I guess. I'll try and make a video of it as well. Glad you're going to check the movie out though, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

CosmoShidan says:

You've really made me want to watch this Josh! Good review! I also recommend viewing The Warlords and A battle of wits.

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