Ready Player One – Movie Review

Ready Player One – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Ready Player One, starring Tye Sheridan, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, Mark Rylance, Olivia Cooke. Directed by Steven Spielberg.



RossH says:

Saw it yesterday and it is the cringeiest thing I have ever seen

Allan O'Donnell says:

This movie is great for those who haven't read the book, I myself enjoyed the film, but was disappointed with the translation to movie as the characters wee altered significantly, large plot lines altered or missing and and an ending that felt glamorised. The film did capture the hopeless life and thus the true escape of the Oasis. Pop culture was properly addressed and correctly indulged imo, yes there's a lot of indulgence but then the story is about a man obsessed with the 80's. The action scenes are are superb and I have to admit loving all the action scenes. It's not an amazing film but I think I'll enjoy it after a second or third viewing. Don't wait for it to come to blue ray, see it in the theatre. 7.5 out of 10.

Ryan Sumayo says:

Book was much better but it was a good movie

R Koster says:

WHo needs trailers… any sjw crap in it if not I watch.

chakrum82 says:

Cool that you are trying something new but unless i had already seen the movie i wouldve felt this spoiled too much. I never watch trailers anymore simply because they spoil too much and this review definitaly showed too many clips from the movie

Connor Fleming says:

The fight against EA the movie

azfafrankenstein says:

i prefer your usual ways. this one seems… impersonal i think.

gasol18 says:

Absolutely shocked Chris gave this a fair review, everybody is running to claim how great Spielberg did here with no mentions of the many faults in the film. Tip of the hat sir of not using your platform to give Steven a "blowjob"

matthew rittenhouse says:

Took them the first sceen to ruin a perfectly good story. The book was so perfect. so fucking perfect. WHY? Why change the most important things?

Macey Rickard says:

some of the real life scenes look like Birminghan!!!

Buck Rogers says:

Remember A.I. from 2001? It's a Spielberg film that seem to have the same failings as Ready Player One. That dystopian scene (with all the failed AI bots) was also amateurishly shot and presented. Reminds of the crappy scenes from Escape from New York. Just a bunch of stuff thrown together and yo, it's Dystopia. Few American film-makers are subtle or take time to essay things out. Plus, stuff in RPO is just begging for a filmmaker to bring to screen. Yes, there's a missed opportunity here to do more viz a viz the Matrix trilogy.

Jalvelio7 says:

youre so pretentious now man, i gotta unsubscribe. Get your personality back and humble up a bit

S. Dan says:

I'd say keep up this type of reviewing and you'll get used to it to the point where you don't sound so robotic/monotonous. Well-written review though, thanks.

War624 says:

Honestly, I like that you decided to try a new format, but I agree with most of the comments, in that I prefer your usual format. It's cool that you get to be more through in your writing, but I feel the more off the cuff style suits you better.

Mohammed islam says:

this movie is trash, just too many pop culture reference.

TheMags53 says:

I didn't like your background music, it's depressive.

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