Reacting To CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (Movie Review!)

Reacting To CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (Movie Review!)

FINALLY! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! After a crazy few weeks with friends and family visiting we finally sat down on our night off and watched Call Me By Your Name… and WOW. Blown Away!

Don’t forget to check out “Leah On The Offbeat” and Louise Dearman’s “For Me, For You”!



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dm Lindener says:

It took about eight years to realize the film and Armie Hammer has been casted 6 years before they actally filmed it. He was 23 at that time. In the film you can see a 29 year old Hammer (filmed 2016). I was thinking a lot about the numerous remarks about the age gap. If I would not have read the book before, i would not have been thinking about it to be honest. The director just WANTED him in the film. He fell in love with Armie, als he told in interviews, and made this decision as an artist to let him play Oliver as planned before. And i think, he was a good choice. Hammer has just this all american East Coast Ivy League touch and he comes from a VERY wealthy family. So he has this certain aloofnes and attitude which is perfect for the role. If I imagine myself beeing 17 again and situated in a room next to him only separated by a shared bathroom I would have gone nuts as well. If You go see the film do not think about the book too much.

Steve Krause says:

Thanks for the enjoyable review. I agree with you that Armie Hammer was great, but a bit too old to play Oliver. Also, the actor who played the father — Michael Stuhlbarg — has been in a ton of films. Most recently, the Shape of Water. The Post, the Fargo TV series and he's done a lot of Broadway. Thanks again!

Robert Gunnlaugsson says:

The book-on-tape is read by Armie Hammer. Interesting, since the entire story is from Eli's perspective.

kevin loo says:

no way in my life i thought that a movie could move my emotions to wanting come out to the world and accepte who i am ( but i cant do it becouse its it will threat my life) like call me by your name i been thinknig about it for days truely a masterpiece

Robert Currie says:

It's about time! I have been wondering when you were going to get around to this. I have to agree with the last post…that background music was too loud. Glad you loved the movie. I felt the same way about Armie Hammer. He does not appear 24 at all. Timothy Chalamet can pull of 17, but Armie cannot pull off 20-anything. But I didn't care. They didn't mention their ages in the movie and you wouldn't know what they were supposed to be unless you read the book. They were both so wonderful and had such great chemistry it just didn't matter. Have you seen any interviews they have done together? They seem like they are in a relationship in real life. Watch the two of them on Ellen if you haven't yet, it's great.

justinpop says:

Great review. Another film by Luca Guadagnino is "I am Love" with Tilda Swinton. I highly recommend it, just as good(nearly…) as CMBYN. Cheers

Gary Glaser says:

Armie WAS too old to play 24 BUT maybe Luca decided everything else he needed for Oliver was embodied by Armie. Casting an age-appropriate actor might have denied us the extraordinary chemistry between the two of them that we have come to love about the movie.

William m says:

I am always disappointed by straight guys doing gay roles. I liked Simon more then I liked Call me. Did you know that the young actor had to learn Italian(that he already spoke french) and that he learned the piano while he was there. I am so impressed by this young actor and anyone else that knows more then the language he grew up with and learning a musical instrument. I do hope they make more gay films but only with gay actors in the lead and supporting roles.

Darrin B says:

watch “God’s Own Country” … big in the UK … not really everywhere else … it’s definitely of the caliber of CMBYN and Love, Simon … the lead actors are amazing …. just got added to Netflix

Lucas Ferreira says:

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME and LOVE, SIMON were wonderful presents we got this year. I'll always remember 2018 as the year these 2 audiovisual diamonds come to us.

Lucas Ferreira says:

I've seen the movie 7 times in theaters and I bought the book today! I love it so much it hurts!

Richard Houlton says:

Knew you’d love the movie. I think it’s a masterpiece. Agree with you about the soundtrack. Agree with you that Timothee Chalamet is going to be his generation’s DiCaprio, Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Bale, River/Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman rolled into one. His new yet to be released movie, Beautiful Boy is already generating him Oscar buzz from people who have seen it. His father was played by Michael Stuhlbarg who has literally been in everything. Last year alone he was in The Shape of Water and The Post. He was also in Arrival. He’s an underrated character actor. CMBYN was Armie Hammer’s best movie by far, and the chemistry between him and Timothee was obvious. When you see all of the promotional vids post movie, it’s obvious that they have a very tight relationship. Director, Luca Guadagnino, made CMBYN as the final of a series of 3 movies in his “sensual series”. The two previous ones were I am Love and A Bigger Splash. They are very different but have a similar look, feel and pace. I loved all three, but CMBYN was the best one. His next movie is a remake of the horror movie, Suspiria due out this year. Do you think they’ll make a movie of Dante and Aristotle? It’s begging for a movie adaptation I think.

THE VID says:

I loved loved loved "Call me by your name".!!!!! I can see a sequel to this movie. On the other half "Love Simon" I don't think could have a sequel to it because of the ending. Jackie I love your comments and 95% of the time I totally agree with you. The other five % is just the way I might look at it? Ok keep floating and can't wait to see more from you. BTW tell Reece I said HI. xxoo to both of you all

erwyn cubacub says:

Such a great movie and video

jpoyser says:

When the film came out, friends and I played a game – Recast Oliver. The list was long and varied but really hard to to settle on one person we all agreed on. Some thought that Jonathan Groff would be a good fit, but…

DocTgo5 says:

OMG…. The background music (beat)….ruined this video. What were you thinking? You are so nice to hear…why cover it up?

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