RAW Movie Review (Cannibal VOD HORROR 2017)

RAW Movie Review (Cannibal VOD HORROR 2017)

What’s the grossest movie you’ve ever seen? The goriest? RAW is a horror movie on VOD right now that had audiences reaching for their barf bags. It’s about a girl becoming a cannibal during her first year of vet school. It’s lovely. Thanks for watching our RAW horror movie review!

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Mitch R says:

I'm watching it this weekend. Been waiting for this since the first time I saw the trailer. Great review guys. I'm even more pumped for it after hearing what you thought of it.

Joey's Bunghole says:

"There's a lot of people sukin dix."

Marcus3615 says:

Do you guys have any interest in reviewing Cannibal Holocaust?

TheMovieJunkiez says:

This is tied with Logan for my favorite film of the year.

a girl named brett says:

hall & oates rules sooooo hard ?. lol having a horrible week, thanks for always putting a smile on my face guys. xox #wwamlife

YashboHD says:

been waiting for this movie for a while, cant wait…i think

Defonties Frazier says:

the rash scene and the scene with the cow, but mostly the rash part, I couldn't watch

I'm Batman27 says:

Dman it, I was planning on eating raw rabbit kidney this weekend! Guess that spoils my plans. Lol. I haven't seen it, but it looks great!

55bueller says:

I really loved this film but I didn't find it disturbing at all! Maybe I'm a crazy manaic!!!

WolverinesNation92 says:

The Brazilian scene was fucking sick lol. You could see the fucking pubes and shit ??

Miello007 says:

Raw!! GotDam! yo boys nice to see Jay back Mike says u were away given bjs in and around the community glad u cud do good for a change lol giving back. haha u gud bro? what car did u get?

Corjai Taylor says:

Great review and I agree with everything!!! I liked it and I can sit through these kinds of movies but I'd don't watch them ever again!!!

Megan Linart says:

Watched it, not much fazed me lol I did really like it though it has a interesting style that separates it from everything else I've seen. I love weird, dirty, independent films. I seek them out all the time so I guess I'm used to it lol. Great review!

Jeffery Miller says:

For some reason, I was cooking spaghetti ? While watching it. Nasty shits y'all been watching lately.

amstel 54 says:

I like it Raw ?

ThatONE gamer says:

I Am Without A Doubt Watching This Movie,Gore In Movies Never Ever Bothered Me,I Watched Hostel When I Was 10,Then After That I Was Forever Numb,Anyway Great Review Guys,Wouldn't Have Known This Movie Existed Without It,Sending You All The Love From Algeria, GOTDAMN!!

Mattae Weavs says:

this movie sounds like a weird fettish porn lol

ray reid says:

u guys=da bess

ray reid says:

ewwnesss cray cray eww factor 9000.

marlon alston says:

This shit was sick!

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