Random Reviews 16 – Life Of Crime

Random Reviews 16 – Life Of Crime

My review of Life Of Crime



Falagar says:

This was an extraordinary review, Paul!  Did you say it was the writers of Jackie Brown?  In any case, when you were summarizing the plot, I kept thinking how similar this sounds like to Fargo.  With a kidnapping, and holding for ransom and things not going according to plan.  I enjoyed Mos Def also from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if you've seen that one.  It's a really under-rated sci-fi film.  Jennifer Aniston still looks fine as ever.  6.5 is a fairly decent score, very very slightly above average, so I might see about Netflixing it or renting it.  By the way, you shaved, hey!!!!  You look great my friend.  And the quality of the phone camera is still pretty good.  I hope everything goes well with getting your PC fixed, or failing that, you are able to get a new one for a decent price.  Yeah screw Best Buy for not keeping inventory on what they advertise, and fuck that one store that just ignored you when you were browsing for a new computer.  Oh well, they may have missed out on a potential sale, damn them.  In any case, Paul, despite all this chaos with the PC – I hope you are having a Merry Christmas.

Xenu says:

But the Giants won today!

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