Rampage Angry Movie Review

Rampage Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the Video Game Adaption RAMPAGE! Does it manage to shake the video game film curse? Find out!

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Liberty For All says:

Here guys I’ll give you a far cry 5 review, since I hear bitching. Multiplayer sucks the story is a lot better than four but not as good as three and the ending is not very good the open world aspect of it though is in my opinion the best out of the entire far cry series, it’s like ghost recon wild lands meets far cry. there’s your review,,,,, What do you really expect him to say about the game it’s a Ubisoft sandbox. I own it and I can even say that

Being Scared says:

Bring back Del. Bring back Beard. Bring back the blonde chick. Anyone but Alex. He is just too negative all the time. He looks uncomfortable all the time. He's just not fun to watch at all.

Purge Praetorian says:

Their plan by bringing the monsters to them was to get rid of the left over secretly stored evidence. They leave with backed up data, the monsters destroy the building and all the left over files, and that was it.

malenko316 says:

Anyone remember the good old days when AJ and OJ reviewed games? Maybe AJ thinks because this is a movie based on a video game it somehow counts as the same thing. It's lazy – especially if he's serious about not having time for Far Cry. Maybe AJ thinks with Doug Walker and Channel Awesome going down in flames, he can be the new uber hyperbolic movie reviewer.

Lindsey Gardner says:

Dude. 6/10?!?! Angry Joe needs to fucking stop reviewing movies. Seriously. Look at their review at Isle of Dogs. Then look at this one. Jesus guys.

MrJabloney says:

It always sucks when YouTubers put their original content on the back burner in favor of the cash grab. You gotta get paid, I understand. But it still sucks.

Suntop says:

I went this movie in my area and almost all the seats were full. When the movie was over the people started clapping, Seems a lot of people liked the movie.

airwolfman says:

Angryjow crew, you need to watch JD Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead. Check out stuff like "best quotes". Think season 5 or 6 where he visits Alexandria. Best character ever :D!

Also. Rule63''ed Mary Sue is called "Gary Sue",

Regular Original says:

Had 0 expectations on this movie when my girlfriend forced me to see it with her so I came out surprised. If you have spare cash to spend on dumb stuff and you're bored it's worth the penny. Don't expect greatness though. Like they said in the review here most of the payoff for seeing this is truly in the later acts. But meh, 6/10 for me as well Joe! I expected nothing.

Russ Mills says:

So he's doing all of these shitty movie reviews, but skips fucking FAR CRY 5!? Ummm, that's easily one of the biggest games of the year, and he skips it. But, he's got time to go see and review all of these shitbag movies? Look, he can do what he wants. It's his channel. He doesn't owe us shit. But, I feel like he's losing sight of what this channel is about. GAMES! Come on Joe. I'd rather see you review Far Cry 5 than Rampage and A Quiet Place and a video explaining your explanation of your Star Wars review.

Retrogamer says:

So you are saying a quiet place is just one above this piece of garbage fuck me

Exist Outside The Box says:

Are you guys high? A 4? Gtfo it was much better then that lol 7.5 it has a good fun factor for sure

Tibe Dog says:

I saw George eat several soldiers so it wasn't a shock to see him eat the lady

jasmine Torres says:

A 6 is a bit much

jasmine Torres says:

I thought u were going to let them talk more joe ! Lol 😅

Jason9811 says:

You skipping Far Cry? No! I was hoping for it 🙁

Warren G says:

I think he should go back to wrestling

Lovin Life says:

I downliked this just for the mention of skipping a review of far cry 5, yet reviews this terrible film 😔

Zebure 01 says:

I like the concept of how the monsters came to exist, and the film did not go out on time before the monsters became monsters.

However, the game concept "Rampage" seemed to be sidelined to focus on Rock and George as well as the villains. So much so that they forgot to focus on the other monsters.

the DARK BANKAI says:

This is the 1st videogame movie that is really awesome compare with Street Fighter or Super Mario Bros

Gaming Crusade says:

Dude on the left can't remember his name, I get it is his opinion but he kinda kills the fun in these reviews for me. Joe who seemed to enjoy it because it brought out his inner child and then got the stick up his ass muscle bro just bringing it all down.

brian self says:

Alex needs glass shoved in his eyes..get rid of him Joe

talis doll comic says:

Halo the movie is it thing dvd

HaZe Tics says:

nooooo u gonna skip far cry ;(

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