Raazi Movie Review | Film Companion Early Buzz | Sneha May Francis

Raazi Movie Review | Film Companion Early Buzz | Sneha May Francis

Excited to watch Alia Bhatt & Vicky Kaushal in #Raazi? Find out an early review here! Sneha May Francis gets you the #FCEarlyBuzz all the way from Dubai!

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Joy Quasar says:

I don't know, is it just me or what, but there is always someone issue with the voice levels, sometimes low, sometimes normal, sometimes only in left ear piece… Hoping for your best reply, regards…

Tanya Karanjai says:

Hauling sound in the background. Got scared by the noises. Please show little professionalism and sincerity while reviewing. Use apt equipments and be seated in a quite place.

neha khan says:

0:10 seconds in the video and skipping it already…poor sound quality duh🙄

Keval Vora says:

use mic and a good cam


It is hauling back side

Nancy Nikita says:

Review is not audible..

Rishabh Maheshwari says:

I knew it be a good film.

James Delaney says:

Pls let Anupama and Suchi do there Job, pls do not come again with this echo:-[:-[:-[

Akki Shah says:

Waahiyat tha review

vipul j vashi says:

she is so omg 😱

akshay adsul says:

Why there are 3 reviews of the same movie on the same channel ?…..mai bhi karungi…..aree aree mai bhi karungi…….chalo sab karte hai..

aryan Yaass says:

It's too early

Abhishek Singh Charan says:

Nice review 👌👌👌

IMRAN AHMAD Khan says:

Gorgeous review…. excited much

Anishkumar Agarwal says:

Subtitle please 😑

Sandy Mufc says:

Was waiting for this so eagerly

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