Question – Theatrical release or Director’s Cut?

Question – Theatrical release or Director’s Cut?

1:10 correction – “Men” in Tights (ie, crap movie)



Pwnsweet says:

It's only in the Wii version and is a glitch. It happens when you cancel the reload animation at the right time.

PlentyGames says:

how did you get it to reload dual mag every time it does it every other time for me, great vid =)

mark56473 says:

How can you not like men in tights?

Sigma13Angel says:

pwn, would you be interested in doing a dual comm? Also, I love the director's cut of movies cuz I like having more of a great film to watch. I just wonder why they don't used the extended cut as the theatrical version when the movie is released in theaters :/

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