Pyewacket – Movie Review

Pyewacket – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Pyewacket, starring Nicole Muñoz, Laurie Holden, Chloe Rose, Eric Osborne. Directed by Adam MacDonald.



BigZ7337 says:

Thanks for the great review Chris, I'll have to keep this movie on my radar.

KhoudariRampage says:

Late but please Review the masterpiece united 93 for 9/11

Atem says:

are you gonna review JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 ???????

halfdan matthíasson says:

will you be reviewing the Son of bigfoot?

Josue Roberto says:

Review Bojack Horseman!

MxYogERTS says:

omg i saw IT yesterday- so GOOOOD! Perfect mix of horror and humor from the kids!

Kenneth Alzamora says:

My birthday was on September 10th. Can you give me a shoutout?

MsCrolle says:

My youtube app got fixed today and im soooo happy!!

Cm Mosher says:

I really enjoyed Backcountry. I can't wait to see this.

aum deoli says:

i grew up with chris stuckmann. oh wait… that's a dead meme. I SAW THIS REVIEW AND I CLAPPED! IT BROKE NEW GORUND!

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