Pyewacket (2017)Horror Movie Review

Pyewacket (2017)Horror Movie Review

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Miguel Gomez says:

Not sure if it’s out yet in Australia but watch Unsane. I feel like it would be something you’d really like. I was gagged 😂

Tom Himself says:

gothy teenagers? that sounds like my kinda movie! lol
is it R-rated? it doesnt say on IMDB
n BTW nice hair, new conditioner? lol
peace out #420brasil

Phil Stuart says:

Wow!! Great review. Might watch it

Bay McCulloch says:

Oh also emma do you ever review short horror films? There are some incredible ones I’ve found recently! Would love to hear your take. Short horror can sometimes be even more crazy!

Fighting Free says:

Bomb City! Please watch it it's not horror but it's about the hate crime of Brian Deneke I know you will love this movie. Bring tissues.

ZombiEater Reviews says:

Great! I needed some encouragement to watch this film, and I always trust your taste.

Helen Folk says:

Hey Emma how are you when i was young i had a black cat call pyewacket. What a great cat he was 😊

Zachary Haith says:

I knew you'd love this 98% drama.

Treychik says:

Hi, Emma! Cool video, as always.
I really enjoyed the movie, especially the moments with 'false' jump scares 🙂 really cool moves, when you expect something, and then nothing. Don't think that this movie uses cheap moves, since they don't really do 'in your face' monster or something like this.
p.s. do you think her mother deserved to be 'killed by the Pyewacket'? (no spoilers! 🙂 )

Emma, have you watched movie 'Stephanie' (2017)?

Mr M says:

That looks awesome Can't wait to see it now Thanks for the review I had never heard of it before

knockturnal808 says:

My 2 favorite movie reviewers are Aussie’s , you and viewworldcinema

Wolverine Scratch says:

Are Velicraptor's evil or just misunderstood?

Daphne White says:

Sounds interesting Emma TY I am so behind, just watched The Wailing loved it!!! Also Lake Mungo really good thanks

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