Pumpkinhead (1988) – Horror Movie Review

Pumpkinhead (1988) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the classic horror film Pumpkinhead directed by Stan Winston and starring Lance Henriksen, Jeff East, and John D’Aquino.
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A man conjures up a gigantic vengeance demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy the teenagers who accidentally killed his son.

What Would You Do?: http://youtu.be/aFHZe0IWp1E


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Josh Delagrange says:

My uncle let me watch Pumpkinhead when he babysit me while my mom and aunt was shopping.I sat on his lap while he drink a beer and smoked a cigarette I got so scared at the film that I buried my head into his chest.He's like Jesus Marv are you trying to dig to China.Cause your not going to get there that way.When my Mom and aunt came back they got real mad at my uncle for letting me watch Pumpkinhead.My aunt was short and a little firecracker.He was truly amazing not because he let me watch a movie I shouldn't have watch his sense of humor the way he would draw cartoons characters Disney wanted him to work for them.But he never liked direction.Rest in peace Aunt Susie and Uncle George. Kim who plays Kim in the film passed away from cancer.Tom Woodruff JR is Pumpkinhead.Original tittle was Demon Of Vengeance before being called Pumpkinhead when the writers of the film heard their friend tell his grandkids if they did not behave Pumpkinhead would get them.They loved it so much Ed Justin their friend who wrote the poem to his grandkids decide that's a better tittle.Stan Winston who did the effects for Leviathan was original asked to direct it he turned it down to direct Pumpkinhead.Rest in peace Stan Winston.Only one scene truly still scares me in the film it's when you see Pumpkinhead walking passed a window and the lighting shows him.

Adam Watson says:

I love the swamp witch, she's awesome, good movie it's got a great rural backwoods terror atmospheric thing going on, and a fantastic monster!

Adam Watson says:

Lol "Little boy!" I love that.

William Chico says:

That Pumpkinhead looks like Alien in that horror picture.

LeadAnchor says:

Goddamn still waiting for a blu ray release of this here in Australia :/ I'd even settle for a DVD at this point!


Awesome movie. Def a classic. I want to get it on Blu-ray soon

MorganW 893 says:

I saw Pumpkinhead 1 and 2 on tv for the first time the other day, one of the weirdest movie experiences of my life. And yeah, I kept saying that Pumpkinhead should have actually had a Pumpkin Head, instead of just looking like an Alien.

MrPrice2u says:

Are you guys canadian?

Ex Leper says:

I need to watch this again. The last time I saw this was on VHS in a double bill with a movie about Sandman (can't remember what it was called). I wonder if you guys now what film I'm talking about. The killer was made of sand. It was an early 90s film I think. Can't be more helpful than that.

JustAnOldFashionedMonster says:

The reason for the lack of gore was because Stan Winston wasn't so much trying to make a horror movie. He was making a dark fairy tale. The Grimm brothers would be proud.

And yes this movie is FUCKING AWESOME.

Danny Da Silva says:

Just seen all 4 pumpkin head such a amazing horror series

dinosoid2000 says:

Practically tied with Halloween as the best slasher era horror movie ever made. I for one loved that Winston and Co didn't really on blood and gore to get their point across. Like Halloween it was all about suspense and atmosphere. Most movies of the era were basically gory for the pure sake of it. I was nice to see a horror movie go against the mold for once and actually try to be legitimately scary.

AlFlgirl1 says:

I watched this movie at a very young age and had nightmares until I was old enough to drink myself to sleep. Not playing. I watched it when I was 8 and the nightmares didn't stop until I was 21. I lived on my own at 17 and from time to time would wake up in a sweaty shirt with my heart racing. Before that when I had a nightmare my mom had to come sleep with me because I was too scared to go back to sleep. So now I am 27 and know better to not let my son watch this movie til he is older. I really think they should make more pumpkinhead movies and make it realistic like the first one.

RNRHorrorHunter says:

Great review, guys! I love Pumpkinhead and REALLY need to pick up that new Scream Factory Blu-Ray! Just a really good flick.

docthemetalfreak says:

i actually went az Pumpkinhead for Halloween one year. ok actually it waz a pumpkin on my head. ok yeah i forgot to cut eyez n a mouth in it. but since i looked so ridiculous i did get a lot of candy that year. plus i learned a lesson. putting a candle in the pumpkin while wearing it iz a bad idea.

mr2009patty says:

I really enjoyed this review! Pumkinhead is one of my favorite childhood movies as a kid growing up. I couldn't agree more with your opinions and rating for this movie. Thank you so much! 🙂

Cheshire says:

Review Silent Hill.

Horror Show Entertainment says:

A super review for a super flick ?

Platypus of Death says:

Woohoo, I was the first person to watch this video. I haven't seen Pumpkinhead , but after seeing this review I may have to actively look for it now. It definitely looks like the kind of horror that makes you afraid to go to sleep at night instead of all these ones that focus on jump scares these days. Awesome review as always guys.

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