Proud Mary Movie Review – SMH @ SONY!

Proud Mary Movie Review – SMH @ SONY!

Proud Mary Movie Review – Sony Did Us Dirty! Smh…


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Big Daddy says:

Go write your own movie bitch..get rich like her

Big Daddy says:

Shut the fuck up people

Walter Brown says:

From The Hollywood Recycle : when you preview the new Tyler Perry movie what is Taraji P Henson best Black Version will be of attraction Tyler Perry and Taraji P Henson need to go to jail for making this movie you'll see ?

Bmac4real 1984 says:

I'm still trying to find out why it's rated R no nudity barely language PG-13 violence

Bill Anderson says:

I'm sorry, but I can't shake the image on her in "Smoking Aces". No Cookie, Mary, or anything can seem to get that taste out of my mouth! However, I will always support her. She is a Blackactress!!

chowder125 says:

I agree. The movie was terrible. The script was poor, not too much interest. If she wasn't in her apartment, she was shooting up someone somewhere. I was dead at her car reference 🤣😂. I'm shaking patiently waiting for Black Panther.

Kristina Walters says:

Well I was planning to see later in the week but ur making me double guess….. I did agree with your reviews on "Den of Thieves" so i probably take your word for it

Victoria Wade says:

I love You!

Craig Carter says:

Yeah, it was a 1.5 hour Mazeratti commercial. This wasn't a great movie but I'll watch a sequel tho. I want the concept to succeed. Maybe the sequel will have a cop somewhere in the movie

Joseph Archer says:

Ah, ur being 2 hard on the flick.  It had the essentials.

Purple Film says:

Man this film was baaad! I did like the child actor and Taraj, but i felt their relationship was so rushed. Whoever was behind the camera should never handle a major release like this. They sold us on a Jackie Brown/Pam Grier type of film. Smh check out my review!

CounterCultureMedia says:

The problems weren’t out of her control she’s the exec prod.

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