Proud Mary – Movie Review

Proud Mary – Movie Review

Here’s my review of the movie, Proud Mary. This movie stars Taraji P. Henson, Jahi Di’ Winston, Neal McDonough and Danny Glover. This movie is directed by: Babak Najafi.

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Tim Treakle says:

this film was bad.I gave it a 4/10.cheesy and the only thing I liked about the film was seeing danny Glover.taraji is good in other films but not this one.

Blacktastic News says:

Cool review…
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Joseph Archer says:

I think it needed nudity. But it was ok.

Cool girl 123 says:

Powerful girl.

The master of gaming says:

So far January isn't that bad theres 4 good movies in January and the bad ones are mediocre or average.

Max Messmer says:

How similar is it to Jackie Brown? Because the trailer and posters seem a lot like Jackie Brown.

MCU Scenes says:

Notification squad?

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