Proud Mary Movie Review

Proud Mary Movie Review

Check out my first movie review for 2018!!!

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dennis black says:

I like you Queen, you are so beautiful, like my wife…Thank you for the review I will support the movie no matter what.

Charlester Williams says:

I am a little disappointed with your review as I believe you were biased in favor of your love for Henson. It is universally recognized that this was a horrible movie and is up for the worst movie of the year. I saw it and was disgusted and I love Henson. I believe you have done your following a disservice in the gentle review you provided for this move. You owed a duty to let your followers know not to waste their hard earn money on this junk. I will not watch any more of your reviews because I believe you are not providing objectivity. I am just as disappointed in your review as I was with the movie production. You are a movie critic and supposed to be providing an objective-free review.

Tony Mcgeary says:

Proud Mary sucks. The movie is just horrific. A waste of time and money

Joy Life says:

You’re paying way to much for movie subscription hun 🙁

Michael Thomas says:

Glad I found ya. I definitely subscribed

wondiefive says:

A sequel could actually work with Mina goin' warlord and being hell-bent on getting revenge.

Samuel Robinson says:

You know, I can never get a collectable ticket or any type of "treats" for the movies that I'd REALLY want them for, but I always get them for the stuff I could live without.  I'll tell you what, I'll trade you my Doctor Strange ticket for your Proud Mary!  🙂  Anyway…I loved your review and I'll be following your channel from now on.  As a fellow Black lover of cinema, I too review in a written format.  (I have 0 camera presence/charm.)  Please follow me as well and check out my "notes" on Facebook…  And by-the-way, since you love shoot-em-up films I would suggest you check out both of the John Wick movies.  You may have already seen them, but if you haven't, there are none better within the action genre.

TJ GUMMY says:

great review, can wait to see this movie

Kool To The Foolas says:

A great video review from you!! Keep up with good work!!

James Hicks says:

I was happy to see Suge Avery in the movie as well. We both touched on some similar points in our review. Good job.

Caleb Says Stuff says:

Just subbed. Great review. I really want to see this movie. Gonna hopefully see it soon and do a review

Esl Professional says:

Are you copying pay or wait? Your layout looks exactly the same as hers?

Courtney Smith says:

Even just the last thing you mentioned with Sug coming for Taraji's character to avenge her family would have been cool but this movie really didn't even try. By that I mean the studio was lazy about it, the writers didn't care, and the director either didn't have the skill or in investment to make this the film it should have been.

Joseph Archer says:

You fine Sista.What city you out of?  I do agree w ur review.

G Montezuma says:

I’m new to this channel, glad I found you. Just saw this movie. The trailer didn’t really say much, but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually saw it. Who ever edited it, did a half-assed job. But I thought the story was solid and Taraji was fantastic as always!

blinkzone1 says:

Felt this was a good film. Not as bad as the critics put it. My only problem was the excessive use of the film's score and the working title "Proud Mary". Mary isn't proud of being a professional hit woman and she doesn't stomach tortured violence well either. What I did like was the relationship between Mary and the street proof kid Danny. Danny Glover puts in a good performance as the menacing mafia don like figure but what really struck me was the Billy Brown as Tom. I felt he was just great.

Caiba Show says:

Definitely agree with you! You can be the most talented actor/actress in the world but when you’re handed a not so good script and the execution of the movie (cinematography) isn’t great there’s only so much that person can do unfortunately. Overall great review and I subscribed!!

Nick Eff-Pictures says:

Very insightful.

mspoetic888 says:

Loved your review! Subscribed!

VanRocCarMor says:

Solid as usual. Can't wait for Black Panther.

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