Photograph Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Ritesh Batra | Sanya Malhotra | Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Photograph Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Ritesh Batra | Sanya Malhotra | Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Photograph is a meditative movie on a relationship that I hesitate to call love. It took me back to Gulzar Saab’s beautiful lyrics in a song in the 1970 film Khamoshi. To savor the gossamer emotions of Photograph, you first have to buy into the scenario that a girl like Miloni would agree to participate in Rafi’s charade. It is hard to believe but if you can suspend disbelief, you will be rewarded.

Photograph is Ritesh’s second film set in Mumbai and once again, the director captures the grimy beauty of the city.

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VansHTHeONE says:

i loved the movie, it was amazing though it had unexpected ending but still loved the characters. Sanya was really AMAZING. I didn't feel impatient as she said.

satnam singh says:

Your review of captain marvel helped me making the choice of watching that film. And u am glad to announce you are absolutely right about the film. It is a good movie and deserve 3.5

4 buzlb3 says:

Wah! Gulzar sahab ka koi tod nahi💐

Abhishek Beniwal says:

Hi Anupma, you mention that at some places film is too quiet, do you think that we feel that it's a negative because of the kind of movies we grew up in? If we had more subtle and quieter movies to watch in early stages of our life we might feel differently?

Btw, love your reviews.

Abhishek Naik says:

Thank god atleast you reviewed it

furious biker says:

Sucharita ko nikal diya kya. Uska review nhi aaya abhi tak

Manjunath barkur shankarnarayana says:

Review was excellent

shyam bawane says:

“Latak ke bhi chain nahi milta Mumbai me”
Line says it all 👌🏾🙌🏾

TV AITS says:

Race 3 – 3.5 *
Befikkre – 4.5*
Sanju – 1*
PK – 0.5*

Poor critic anyyupooooma..!! Huh..😏

Suraj Nair says:

Why didn't u review ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga


this is the most hindi that anupama has ever spoken!maybe she has stopped looking at the dictionary more than the movie a bit.apart from that,it was a lovely review.

Krishna Teja B says:

All your reviews not discussing cinematic brilliance or texture your just randomly thinking writing and saying in front of camera like a oral test.. Just stop 🛑 reviewing we can't watch your reviews

Zubair Z Vlogs says:

I didn’t pay close attention to this review cuz I’m gonna watch this movie anyway 🍿 like a baws 😎 Guys Let’s watch Nawaz doing crazy stuffs in an artistic way 😀

Time pass says:

Please do review of made in heaven ❤️
One of the best webseries of India.💕

YOGENDRA JAISWAL 13110140 says:

Rap quality is unprecedented!!😂

sagar basnet says:

love u anu mam

Val-schaeffer says:

What a lovely glorification of Love Jihad

Rohan Poddar says:

The review was actually pretty good except the rating, a bit disappointing but still the review is one of the best. I agree that it cannot surpass lunchboss.

Entertainment Reports says:

Nice intro !

Amberr sky says:

Itni saari english 🤓


फ़िर से अगर इस साल BJP जीत गयी… Then they will again send a Gujarati film to the Oscars.. इसीलिये we ought to make sure that BJP loses.

miss secret giggle says:

In other words it's a feel good movie ❤️… Sanya turned out to be an amazing discovery for bollywood

P Trivedi says:

Only 3 stars?? tf?? 😒😒

P Trivedi says:

Cant wait to watch this one.. lunchbox is still my fav film ❤

Akash singh says:


do aa says:

Gully boy …still at the top ..🔥😍😊

Aniket Sharma says:

My heart breaks for our missed Oscar, whenever the lunchbox comes to the discussion…

Divesh R says:

Gr8 review Anupama ma'am

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