Perfume – The Story of a Murderer Review

Perfume – The Story of a Murderer Review
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Based on the book that was the best selling novel from Germany since All Quiet on the Western Front, Perfume the Story of a Murderer has appeared on the big screen. The following is my review of the film which I shot on returning home from the cinema.

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Alan Heath says:

@LightsCameraAaron Thank you!

chevalblanche prolife says:

@chevalblanche22 He erased himself of existence from the world that just repelled him, not understanding or loving him. That's my humble opinion, by the way I REALLY LIKED THIS MOVIE.

chevalblanche prolife says:

@alanheath : I do believe that this movie is so unique because of its ending. It was the ending that made his existence ephemeral and his whole existence had always being like that. I know in the book he was actually repelled by humans and their nature; it sickened him. But in the movie I do believe it was the other way around, like he finally understood that he could manipulate love in its most ephemeral and primeval sense, but to be loved by who and what he was, was indeed impossible, so…

Brooke Devitt says:

I agree with the review 100%. I actually watched this movie the first time with my husband and ended up falling asleep with about 10 minutes left. I praised the movie up and down until my husband told me what happened at the end. He enjoys pulling pranks on me, so naturally, I thought he was kidding. Well, I did flip through the scenes until the end and was astonished. WHY? Ending aside, truly a BEAUTIFUL, haunting, stunning, and memorable film. I must read the novel.

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