Pee wee’s Big Adventure (1985) Review

Pee wee’s Big Adventure (1985) Review

My review of the 1985 adventure film, Pee wee’s Big Adventure.
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Sherrill CuCu says:

Yeeeees! This is such a classic. PeeWee is my soulmate haha. He may or may not be in one of my videos too 😉

Psychic Celluloid Signals says:

Great review, great film too! "Be sure and tell 'em Large Marge sent you!" Haha so classic.

LastPharaoh says:

A movie that influenced me and made the the man I am

O' Blivion says:

This is one of those movies where I believe everyone loves it! I can't honestly think of anything wrong about it!

No Star Reviews says:

Lovvved this movie as a kid, you're right it would never be made that same way now lol. Burton was the perfect guy to direct it

Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft says:

this was a super fun and hilarious weird.

Patrick Diehl says:

I remember watching that movie. I love Tim Burton's films. Great review and Great video.

Marie Gifford says:

Love that movie! Watched it every day when I was little! Large Marge scared the crap out of me too hahaha

Movies by Angel says:

The way Pee Wee Herman dances tequila just kills me every time. It's one of Tim Burton's most underrated films. Is it on Blu-Ray?

Harry Thomas Pictures says:

Awesome review Matthew, this movie has bizarre but interesting title. I can't believe Tim burton is directing the pointless Live Action Dumbo Remake, that's gonna suck I just know it. Thanks for your awesome comment on my 400 subs vid, greatly appreciate that, hope you reach 1000 subs soon, you deserve it. Have a awesome day!

Moon Lander says:

I love this one to man. Great review.

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