Paddington 2 – Movie Review

Paddington 2 – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Paddington 2, starring Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Brendan Gleeson, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Peter Capaldi, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw. Directed by Paul King.



Blake Pavey says:

Do a live Oscar nomination reaction again!

Estée McNaughton says:

Are you going to react to the Oscar nominations this year? Would love to see that!

Sage Solis says:

Review The Greatest Showman please!!!!???

Zach Lyons says:

Should have been an A+

Arief Leuvenardi says:

I recommend you watch Paul King’s pre-Paddington movie, Benny and the Bull. It’s far from a family movie and has very imaginative visual storytelling.

kermit says:

I'm surprised you have such high praise for it. The trailers always seemed to make it look like a bad or annoying film. But I think I may have to give it a chance after all. Thanks Chris!

TheWalkerViewMaster says:

Hey Chris any chance you've been keeping up with Dragon Ball Super because the dub has finally entered uncharted territory.

Ben H. says:

I wasn't planning to see this but you won me over good sir.

MC says:

Yes, I loved the first one put it on for noise on netflix and watched the whole thing!

Minecraft art says:

Please review iron man 1

Chace Rucker says:

please review Full Metal Alchemists Brotherhood!!!

Filipe Ribeiro says:

Where is your reaction to the oscar nominees?

David Leuther says:

Oscar Nominee reaction?

Jokerstick says:

Can you review Watchmen? Would like to hear your thoughts on it.

Alex Aceves says:

Glad to see you review Paddington 2.

Samar says:

hey chris, please review loving Vincent. This movie deserves more fame.

Nicholas morley says:

Great film, but not proper Paddington

Sam Oso says:

stop telling him to do a punisher review.. the punisher was fucking trash

Constructive Historian says:

I live over seas So I get to see this in November

Barry Villacarillo says:

Chris stuckmann, what do you think about the 2018 Oscar nominees?

Nicholas Lewis says:

Please react to the Oscars this years nomination are very broad

Lauren Mack says:

Could you react to the Oscar nominations again? I loved that! Thanks for the review!

Jacky Bellic says:

Biggest surprise in 2017

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