Pacific Rim: Uprising Movie Review

Pacific Rim: Uprising Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex head back to Pacific Rim to battle more Robots & Kaiju’s, does the sequel deliver? Find out!

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hernan alonso says:

Michael Bay infection?

øyvind vego says:

code geass and darling in the franxx is better mecha animes then this one

James Avery says:

Be real its because the main character is black racist motha fucka's. I mean how many yall cracker's went and seen black panther ? Us nigga's cant do white folk shit too ?

Michael E says:

Citizens in the movie: "Oh? What's that? There's giant alien monsters coming out of the ocean and trying to kill humanity? No, I'm fine here in Seattle… there's a new microbrewery that just opened up down the street."

oldsql says:

8/10 for he first Pacific Rim? wtf, that was at most a 4/10 and Pacific Rim 2 is worse.
So Transformers 5 is one of your favorite movies Joe? 😀
no thanks.

Mark Fitzgerald says:

This film is ass !

MaikuBoy1 says:

There are no ther mecha movies at all (excluding anime of course). So go and support it!

Vanc Lucian says:

The fights are nice, rest of it it's pure sjw propaganda i fuckign shit on this movie

yarego says:

I thought this film was going to be like Transformers 6 or something like that.

King Adamus says:

I want to support these kinds of movies…. but… no… I can't too much teen bop crap. All it's trying to do is have it's own power rangers universe. On that note…. that reboot sucked.

Diovane Blasquez says:

Don't interrupt your guests! Let they talk please!

Chaos Bearded Gaming and more says:

Where is your next angry review

Auscolpyr Pisspott says:

As for Boyega, I was worried he was going to be a Finn II after the first sequence he was in (pool party aftermath), but his character did have an arc and he did pull it off.

brandon tate says:

I hope angry joe reviews farcry5!

iron sheep00 says:

What happened to the main character form the 1st movie?

Leonardo Bonomi Tarani says:

"robot vs dinosaurs action"………..

Mau5 Effect says:

Saying "I don't care just punch something" three dozen times doesn't make for a great review of anything lmao
It just makes it sound like you weren't even trying to give it a chance.

Moisés Furbino says:

Hi Joes! Will you be doing a Sea of Bugs angry review? From Brazil

Cade S. says:

I disagree with you about the movie having tons of jokes. I don't remember any one laughing when I watched it. Uprising is far inferior to its predecessor.

D Edge says:

First one was great. Apart from a couple of fight scenes this was garbage!

HomieGFizzle says:

This channel's gotten boring.

Eddie Mana says:

Even though it is top of boxoffice

Zeles says:

Fuck… little kids in my Pacific Rim? THEY FUCKED IT UP

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