Pacific Rim: Uprising – Movie Review

Pacific Rim: Uprising – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Pacific Rim Uprising, starring John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Jing Tian, Cailee Spaeny, Rinko Kikuchi, Burn Gorman, Adria Arjona, Charlie Day. Directed by Steven S. DeKnight.



lilmario0 says:

What a monotone, dispressing sounding, "I have a feeling this movie will be ass and I will take it too seriously when I watch it to emphasize why I thinks it's ass" review.
The movie was good, people laughed at every joke you criticized. I will admit however that the plot twist wasn't really a twist because it was obvious who the villian would turn out to be from the beginning. People were just watching to how they came to be.Another REAL con is that the Jaeger didn't have the presence they did in the first one. They didn't seem as heavy. (Can't remember if you mentioned this) Another REAL con is that one minute Avenger wasn't a match for the bag Jaeger because the bad jaeger was p inted to be straight out more advanced and beastly…but shortly after Avenger was being every effective against it. Another REAL con is, if any of these characters die (other than the 2 main leads) I wouldn'thave cared at all.

WhaleWolf says:

I think all the kids really weakened the movie. It went from a jaw dropping action packed film, to an over budgeted child movie. They were obviously targeting the younger age group.

Ivan Hairnandez says:

Chris is starting to look real thicccc
I’m here for that

Moses Weaver says:

That’s pretty damned disappointing. Originally, I was looking forward to this movie.?

Adam Morgan Rivamonte says:

I think he said jack than jake

GIPSY AVENGER 564-34 says:


Austin Trench says:

“Jake pentacost”, just saying.

Xpress Colour says:

Please please please review Atlantic Rim 2013. Jesus Christ this movie is TERRIBLE it’s hilarious!

Macan Wigit says:

Well, we're having Jaeger Gunpla (Jaepla?) already, so the Gundam homage might came from the corporate angle as well.

pain giver says:

Is it better than tf5?

Andrew M says:

I went to Uprising not for the story…but to see giant robots and giant monster knock each other around for a bit. Not that I didn't get that (because I totally did for about 5 minutes) but COME ON! This should have been done a lot better, the action scenes were awesome but their build-up was weak and half the time I didn't even feel that invested into the whole idea of the giant robots fighting each other.

What they did with Newton I thought was pretty fun and exciting, the idea that they brought back the Precursors in this way is actually kind of fun, maybe even hinting that the Kaiju were being psychically controlled this entire time…which would be great if they fleshed that out in the future!
I grade this movie on three merits:
Plot: 5/10 a decent twist thrown in, but not good enough for me to rave to my friends about it being worth much than just being average.
Acting: 6/10 saved by a few above average appearances from new and old faces but stinted by bad dialogue and insulting accents
Action: 7/10 I didn't feel like the scale of the Jagers was on full display, not really showing the power that they had, sometimes moving too quick and being too fast at some parts. The action scenes were fun and interesting enough to talk about but these fights were handled better in the predecessor and in others before it.
Overall I give Pacific Rim: Uprising a 6/10, being fun for a watch and slightly above average and warranting a recommendation to people who love giant robots…but not really anyone else…

Just Me says:

I can tell by the face in the thumbnail that this movie was trash

StopMotion Master says:

You idiot in the movie all the civilians were all put in bunkers

Abraham Soto says:

Good movie! Can't wait for PR3 when they finally go to the bridge and travel to the kaiju dimension!

Gordon Hamilton says:

Exactly like every single Comic Book Film, ive ever seen !!!
Same plot, diffrent movie … yawn !!!

Michael Lam says:

We need some hot Asian girls in this movie. Any movie featuring giant monsters should be required to have lots of Asians in it. It just somehow feel hollow with all those pasty white faces and one token black guy.

Michael Lam says:

It s a smash em up movie. Simple. It is not more or no less. Don't expect to learn any deep thoughts from it. I enjoy it all corny images of it.

Fluffy The Cat says:

Just got back from seeing this movie and I think that you should not go in to it to see the action and not the story. It was fun to watch but not to think so hard about.

Jenny S. says:

Seem like you're just reading this review.

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